St. Giles Hilltop || Winchester


A couple weeks back my friend and I decided to go on an adventurous walk, on an early Saturday morning, to explore our university home-town (Winchester). I have always heard people talk about St. Giles Hill viewpoint; describing how beautiful the view is of the whole city in a perspective.


WOW! They were right. The view is absolutely astonishing. It is so beautiful to stand up at the viewpoint and experience the outlook upon the whole city. As you can see from the images above, St. Giles Hill is completely safe with a metal barrier in place to prevent any injuries. There is a map to the left which gives an indication as to what you are looking at in relation to the buildings. Getting up to the top of the hill is very easy as there are a few different routes to go which of course is dependant on personal health and fitness. I found it no problem at all getting up the hill following the signposted directions which led me up to the top with a series of steps. I personally think this would be a perfect spot for a romantic date; whether at night, during the day or even a place to have a picnic. It is honestly something that is worth experiencing which is really no hassle at all.

If you’re a lot like me who enjoys exploring, travelling and sightseeing then this is something you will enjoy. I spent approximately 45 minutes up there admiring the view, capturing shots and watching the city move. I would 100% love to visit St. Giles Hill view-point again, perhaps when the weather isn’t so foggy, which reminds that I have this perfect vision of overlooking Winchester at night capturing the lights amongst the darkness.
Thank you so much for exploring my page. Please comment if you have any suggestions, queries, concerns, opinions and general feedback. I hope you have a nice day!
Bryoni Burns

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