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How are you? I hope you are all well. Welcome back to another Bryoni blog post. I would like to say a massive thank you to those of you who have supported me through all my creations and followed my blogging journey. I really appreciate it!!!! I want you to walk with me every single step of the way and to grow with me. Blogging is all relatively new to me, so it really is lovely for you to give me advice and feedback.



Today, it snowed in Winchester, Hampshire (U.K), and as you can imagine I was very happy about this. It isn’t often we get a lot of snow in the U.K. The last time I ever remember a lot of snow was probably about 5 years ago… if not longer!!!! When we get the slightest bit of snow in the U.K, myself and others go crazy over it! This year it snowed relatively heavy for 2 consistent days, resulting a lot of disruption, but I did not mind because I absolutely love the snow and I just wanted to go out in it and play. I can act like such a child at times!

As a flat (student housing), we decided to go out and enjoy the snow! We have all wanted to go to St. Catherine’s Hill in Winchester, for a very long time now and we thought that today would be a beautiful day to go exploring. Having a snow day meant that our lectures we all cancelled. We didn’t want to waste a day by staying in, so a few of us thought it would be good to go out and have a productive day. During our walk to the hill, we were having mini snowball fights, I must say they were very fun. I was awful it all though. For some reason, my snowballsΒ weren’t even balls… it was just clumps of snow! I think that when it snows, it is very difficult to not collect snow and through it. It is like a natural instinct. Our walk took about 30 minutes from the university which is quite good considering the amount of snow we had to work our way through. However, we did make it up the hill. You could either just go for it and go straight up or use the stairs provided which were a lot safer lol. Although there were a lot of stairs to walk up it really was a beautiful sight. It was so mesmerizing. I absolutely love sightseeing, soΒ this was just ticking all my boxes. I am so happy I had the chance to do this walk as it was lovely to see Winchester from a different perspective. I have one regret though… definitely should have taken a sledge 😦 There were so many people going sledging. It looked like a lot of fun, dangerous… but fun!
The photographs speak for themselves… it really was a lovely snow day! It was definitely one of the most beautiful snow days I have ever had.



St. Catherines Hill in Winchester is definitely a hill that you definitely have to visit, whether on a beautiful summers day or in the snow like I did. It is so beautiful. I absolutely love looking at views and capturing beautiful images. Unfortunately, it was snowing heavily which meant that the photographs taken had to be from my iPhone instead of my camera, but they are still good quality so it’s ok. I will be coming up here for sure in the summer to get some beautiful sunset images with a beautiful view.
That’s all from me for today. A new post will be published on Monday so keep your eyes peeled. If you have any feedback, advice or general comments please comment below. I absolutely love getting in contact with you, so do not hesitate. If you would like me to do any posts in particular just let me know and I will see what I can do. But for now, have a nice day!
Bryoni X
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