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Hi, welcome to my blog. I know this is a different kind of post to what I usually do, but many of you have been asking me questions on twitter which brought the idea to my head about doing a Question and Answer. I wrote a tweet asking for you to ask me any questions that you had for me to answer on this blog and boy did I not realise the number of replies I would get. I am over the moon with the number of questions I got because I never thought it would be that much. I am not sure if this is going to be a long post as usual so please grab yourself a nice drink and snack before you start reading.

Do you earn from your blog? @PlanLets

No. I do not earn anything from my blog in terms of revenue, income or money. I am not really thinking about gaining money from blogging. I absolutely love blogging and I really want to continue experimenting my photography skills. Personally, I do not want to put advertisements on my blog. I don’t like reading blogs that are full of advertisements, so why would I want my blog filled with that? Blogging and photography are a hobby that I wish to pursue further in the future. I have recently been looking at the workload of being a journalist as it interests me a lot.

Do you schedule a certain amount of hours a week towards your blog or does it vary week by week depending on the subject of the post your working on or how much free time you have? @ChrisDud12

No. I do not schedule a certain amount of hours a week towards my blog. I would often take my notebook everywhere with me, so that should I get a creative idea then I can write it down. Other than that, I do not spend a specific amount of time on my blog whether that is reading, writing, sharing or publishing. I generally spend at least an hour a day planning, organising and note-taking of any ideas I have that can help with blog posts. I always make sure that I post at least one blog a week, ensuring that I have written it well and included enough content. My blog solely depends on the amount of free time that I have. I am a full-time university student with a part-time job which can make it tricky. However, I love blogging so much that I always manage to fit it in my diary.

What’s one thing a blogger should do if they want to earn money from their own blog? @ladylikelavende

This is a very popular question that I have no knowledge of answering whatsoever. Unfortunately, I can not suggest ways to gain money from your blog as I do not earn any money from my blog. I am sorry for not being able to answer this. However, if you really want to earn from your blog I think it would be wise to be very active on all social media, engaging with the viewers and perhaps taking on suggestions from them. I do not earn money from my blog, so I can’t give a reliable answer.

What is your favourite colour? @AlBell42017

My favourite colour is definitely white. I am soon to be redecorating my study room with a white and grey aesthetic throughout. I am so excited about this. I have been wanting to do this for a very long time. I really love the colour white. It makes everything look clean and elegant. I am the type of person who matches everything and most of the time it will be white. Recently, I have been really into the colour red in regards to my fashion interest at the moment.

What’s your favourite city? @The_Happy_Diary

My favourite city is definitely London predominantly because of the number of things to do there. I really enjoy watching shows in West End which is something I have a huge passion for. I would absolutely love to be able to perform one day on a big stage like The Apollo Victoria or O2. I am greatly interested in performing arts and I love to watch shows in my spare time. However, another city that I absolutely love is New York. Sadly I have never been there, but it is somewhere that I hope to go to at some point. I think Broadway would be brilliant! To me, it feels like London just much much bigger.

How long have you been blogging? What inspired you to start blogging? Where is your favourite place that you’ve travelled to? @tylerbelle2

I have been blogging since the beginning of April 2018 and I absolutely love it. I started using Blogger at first and then switched to WordPress which I am definitely happy about. Blogging is something that I have been wanting to start for a while, but I never had the confidence to do so. Since I started university, I have gained a lot of confidence and really delved into the idea of reading and writing so much that I have gained a huge passion for it. I really enjoy reading blogs and books in my spare time and thought about doing the same by sharing my thoughts and interacting with the world. I am so happy that I created a blog because I really enjoy the creativeness behind my blog posts and I love interacting and communicating with fellow bloggers.

I know it is a bit cliche because I am living here, but I really love living and visiting Winchester. It is a beautiful city and I am really happy here. If you have never been here before, you definitely should!

What’s your favourite thing about blogging? Who is your role model? @katehawkins99

There are so many things that I love about blogging which I could probably talk about all day. However, my favourite reasons are: being able to express myself with any advice, support or things I would love to share, being able to passionately write and have somewhere to share my photographs with you and lastly being able to communicate and interact with many of you through my blog or social media. I absolutely love making new friends and talking to you all because it makes me so happy when I engage and I love meeting new people.

A role model is a bit of a strong word to me, especially because it is associated with ‘someone’ you look up to or to who you would imitate. To me, I find it difficult to reference one person as my role model partly because of the fact that there is a lot of people who influence me with my day to day life. I like to think of a role model of a collective of people who have affected me and how I present myself. I have taken little traits from a range of people to be the person who I am today and how I have adapted morals and beliefs. There are a lot of people who I look up to in one way or another, such as Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Dolly Parton, Audrey Hepburn, Beyonce, Emma Watson, Cher Lloyd and Zoella. All of these people have had an impact on my life at some point and they are who make me today. These are all inspiring and empowering women who I hope to be as strong as.

Do you earn well as a blogger? @Million6x

I do not get any sort of income from blogging. However, there are times where I am fortunate enough to do a collaboration with a company or brand and they send me free samples to review on my blog. These always feel like an achievement to me because I feel blessed that a company or brand would be interested in having me review their products. Also, I enjoy doing these because it is something different to what I am normally posting which is nice for me and everyone who reads my blogs. If you know me you will understand why I always say yes because I love trying out new products.

What is one piece of advice you always give to people when it comes to life? @sophiatranterxo

If I am going to be completely honest which I am… I don’t often get a lot of people coming to me for advice based on life. I have had a few scenarios where people would ask me what I would do if I was in that situation and most of the time it is something quite small or something that isn’t quite complex. However, my advice tends to lead from quotes which I adapt into appropriate conversations to fit the right situations, such as:

Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negative, and if all fails try again by giving another shot.

I truly believe that everything that we do and everyone that we meet is put in our path for a purpose. There are no accidents; we’re all teachers – if we’re willing to pay attention to the lessons we learn, trust our positive instincts and not be afraid to take risks or wait for some miracle to come knocking at our door.

New roads lead to beautiful destinations.

Thank you so much for giving this a read and thank you for those of you who tweeted me with questions you’d like me to answer. I hope you found this interesting. It was a very fun post to write and I would love to do one again at some point. If you have got any post suggestions or any advice/feedback please comment below or contact me on my social media. I would love to have a chat with you, even if it’s to tell me you have had a nice day. I am always here!


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  1. Hello Bryoni! Nice write up and thanks for publishing our comments. Your writing is on point, honest, and welcoming. I hope your WordPress experience is a good one too. As it is my very first experience also using the platform, I found it to be quite thorough in helping one to go to the next level of professional blogging. Again, thanks for the posting and motivation to keep blogging.🙂👏🏾


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