Hello everyone and welcome back to another one of my blog posts. Today’s post is something a little different. I thought I would share with you my outfit of the day which is the outfit that I am currently loving by jazzing it up differently every time I wear it. I know you’re probably thinking ‘it’s Wednesday, not Sunday’ and I am aware of this LOL. I wore this outfit on Sunday when I had my first ever photoshoot with Isla Ng who is an A-level student studying Photography.

Photo was taken by Isla Ng

My Sunday outfit composed of 4 particular pieces of clothing that are mainly from New Look. This is the fashionable holey T-shirt and the denim dungaree dress. I absolutely love this little combination as it looks very stylish and a lot similar to the stereotypical celebrity street style fashion. I love this little dungaree dress as it can go with a lot of clothing, especially during the different seasons. For example, in summer this can be worn with a crop top or short sleeve t-shirt and in the winter season, it can be worn with a long sleeve t-shirt or sweatshirt followed by tights and boots. I have worn this so much recently and for different reasons which is why I think everyone needs one of these in their wardrobe.

Photo was taken by Isla Ng
Photo was taken by Isla Ng

I decided to pair the outfit with some thin holey pop socks that match the t-shirt and some Vans plimsolls. The socks are from Primark and the Vans are from Schuh. I wanted to make this a casual easy street style look with an outfit that anyone would be able to re-create. I think that it’s important to make things accessible for others, so I went for something that was an everyday kinda look with an unusual design.

Photo was taken by Isla Ng

My first ever photoshoot was so much fun. At first, I was a little nervous as I had never met the photographer before, but she made me feel welcomed and calm in her presence. I am so glad that Isla was able to capture these beautiful photographs of me in my favourite go-to fashion street style clothing. I am looking forward to trying out different styles of how I can use the dungaree dress for many different scenarios and how it can be dressed up and dressed down.

Photo was taken by Isla Ng

Thank you so much for visiting another blog post and a big thank you to Isla Ng who kindly offered to take some amazing photos of me. I really appreciate it! If you enjoy these outfit of the day type of posts, then please let me know in the comments as I would love to share with you some more of my daily street style fashion.

Have a lovely day and a great week!


Bryoni X




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