This Or That Challenge.

Thank you so much to the wonderful Emma Jacobs who has kindly nominated me to do the This or That Challenge. I am looking forward to this very much because I love answering your questions and I would like to share more about me for you all to get to know me. So, let’s begin…

Question 1: Shower in the morning or evening? 

Personally, I would rather shower in the morning as it is much quicker and I find it works well with my morning routine. However, I do bath in the evenings as I like to be relaxed and feeling fresh before going to bed.

Question 2: City Centre or close to Nature? 

I am not sure what this is exactly asking… I am going to say it’s asking me where I would like to live. I really like living in the City Centre as I find it a lot more accessible and more appropriate. I love exploring and taking adventures which is why I would rather go exploring to find beautiful nature locations. I find it interesting to find new places/locations, so I wouldn’t want to be in that setting already.

Question 3: Bright Colours or Neutrals?

Definitely without a doubt BRIGHT COLOURS!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong I do love my nudes and greys etc. But in photographs, the bright clothing always stands out most and creates more of a fashion statement.

Question 4: Spring or Autumn?

Hmm… can’t say I have thought about this very much. This is rather quite a difficult one. I think I like both the same amount. I really enjoy it when Spring is about as my birthday is in Spring and it’s the time of year where you can get away without wearing a coat which I LOVE! It makes it a lot easier to take photographs as I don’t have too many layers on and I can have a little bit more freedom. However, I love the feeling of knowing that Autumn is just around the corner. I look forward to the leaves falling and the dark colours I can wear. It is also the time of year for pumpkin carving and fireworks which I get excited for.

Question 5: Mint or Cinnamon?

Definitely Cinnamon… I LOVE IT!!!!

Question 6: Planned or Spontaneous? 

I like to think that I am rather quite organised which is why normally I would make sure everything that I have planned will be in my diary. However, there are many times where I have been a bit spontaneous and done unexpected things. I would say that I do both of these. I personally like to be spontaneous as is keeps your mind active and is unusual in everyday life.

Question 7: A movie at home or in the cinema?

Definitely in the cinema!!!!! I have a very low attention span when it comes to watching movies. I don’t often really watch movies as I find it difficult to follow what’s happening, especially if it’s something quite complex and has a lot going on. I prefer to watch tv programmes or a Netflix series. I have recently been to the cinema to watch Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – if you haven’t seen it… you have to! I love all the Jurassic Parks and Jurassic Worlds. It is probably one of the only films that are complex that I love to watch. The types of films I like to watch is very much the old historical educational films, such as Titanic, Allied, The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas and Goodnight Mr Tom. These are just a selection, but I definitely prefer watching films that I can learn from.

Question 8: Espresso or Latte?

I have never ordered any of these, so I am really not sure of my preference. I think I would have to choose a Latte as I drink very weak coffee at home and I believe this is the most similar. I would normally go for a classic tea or hot chocolate.

Question 9: Hugs or Kisses? 

HUGS!!!!!!! Without a doubt, I would always say a hug over a kiss no matter what kind of mood I am.

Question 10: Spicy or mild food?

I HATE SPICY FOOOD!!!!!!!!! It always hurts my mouth and I have to always have a drink at hand.

Question 11: Leather or Lace? 

I am very into the old vintage style of fashion with lots of pale colours and lace. I own a lot of lace tops and dresses because they are sooooooo pretty. I have never been a fan of leather and I don’t like it very much.

Question 12: Overdressed or Underdressed? 

Personally, I think I underdress for many occasions but people seem to disagree and say that I always look like I dress up. I very much like being underdressed wearing trackies and pyjamas chilling. That is my favourite clothes to wear. Having said that, I think that I probably do a little bit of both.

Question 13: Adventure or Comfort? 

You may or may not know me or know a bit about me,  but if you do then you will realise that I am a very adventurous person. I love going out in my spare time exploring my surroundings and visiting new places. I love doing this with my camera by my side capturing my adventures.

Question 14: TV Series or Movies?

Oops… I have answered this in the previous movies question, but I will answer it again. I prefer watching a TV series or a Netflix series as I do not follow movies very well and tend to forget what I have just watched or I spend most of the time daydreaming. For me, TV series work out really well and always keep me engaged.

Question 15: Rock or Country Music?

I don’t really like rock music… it is not something that I enjoy. I really love country music. Country music is probably my favourite genres actually and I love to listen to Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Shania Twain and Loretta Lynn. As you are probably aware of my answers today that I really like the past or old stuff a lot. I love the good old country classic songs and especially old-fashioned films.

Question 16: Red or White Wine?

I don’t drink any… I am not a wine drinker and particularly not a drinker at all.

Question 17: Working alone or in a team?

Hmm… I would definitely say a bit of both. I often would accomplish a lot when I am on my own because I can crack on and get the job done. However, I think working in a team is enjoyable and is better if you aren’t sure of what you are doing. It is good to work together and see the development as it makes everyone feel like their input has progressed for the company or task.

Question 18: Swimming or sunbathing?

I love swimming more, although I do not go very much.

Question 19: Fast-food or sit down restaurant?

Fast-food will always be my preference. Being a vegetarian can be difficult though as you are always limited. I just prefer going to casual food places. I am not a fancy dress-up to a restaurant person. I think I am a little awkward, so I don’t like going to new places. I stick to the same food places I have been to before.

Question 20: Matched or mismatched socks? 


Question 21: Dancing and singing? 

OMG WHAT!!! I love doing both of these together. I would often sing and dance in my room like as if I am on The X Factor performing or something LOL. However, a lot of people would probably say I prefer singing as I am always doing it. For some reason I can’t stop singing… any type of music sets me off LOL.

Question 22: Phone or the internet?

Internet. I feel like the internet could replace phones if everyone had like a laptop or tablet to hand because you can do a lot with them. You can even use apps to message and call people which is why I think the internet has more power.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I loved writing it. It was a lot of fun answering these questions… I actually surprised myself with some of the questions I have answered. I am going to nominate Fran and Amy to do this challenge. I can’t wait to read your answers to the This or That Challenge and find out a little bit more about you. Don’t forget to check out Emma’s This or That Challenge and thank you so much for nominating me for this challenge. I hope you have a great day and an amazing week ahead.


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