What Type Of Traveller Are You?

What type of traveller are you? Hmm… This is going to be interesting! Recently, I have been reading a lot of travel quizzes that fellow travel bloggers have taken to determine what type/kind of traveller they are. I have been meaning to write a post similar to this, instead of actually explaining what type of traveller I think I am based on my previous holidays and travel preferences. However, I thought it would be a good idea to find out the results through the ultimate travel quiz which can be found here. If you undergo this quiz, please let me know of your results in the comment section of this post as I am intrigued as to what type of traveller you are.

This quiz is made up of the following 8 multiple choice questions:

1. Going on holidays is more often: 

  • By Plane: the further away the better to really disconnect. After all, you only have a week of holiday.
  • By Car: you stay in the UK. It’s easier and cheaper.
  • By Train or Boat: the travel is part of the holiday experience and you like to take your time. Being on holiday is a state of mind. 

I very much enjoy using public transport to get to my holiday destinations and I do believe that the whole travel aspect is apart of the holiday experience. I like to use transport abroad as they are always different to the UK. For example, if I never went on a TUK TUK in Amsterdam, I would never have had that transport experience. It is a lot of fun and I recommend it to everyone.

2. While choosing a holiday with a travel agent, you are more likely to opt for: 

  • A complete package: you choose a travel agent that looks after everything as you don’t have the time to do it all. 
  • A credible and reliable agency: you check out their results, reputation and customer feedback.
  • A themed offer: you look for a group that can guarantee you an innovative and unknown experience.

I think the answer to this question varies depending on the type of holiday you are going on. If it was a short city break, I would most likely have a look around online, read some reviews and book a place that suited me. However, if I am going on a proper holiday abroad for more than a week, I would 100% go for a complete package. It is a lot easier to just pay for everything that you would like to do and get an all-inclusive holiday as sometimes it works out a lot cheaper and is very convenient.

3. What’s the last thing you do before leaving home to go on holiday: 

  • Nothing! You are always in a mad last-minute rush. 
  • You leave a thank you note for the neighbour who’ll be coming over to water your plants.
  • Verify that all the electrical appliances are turned off and that nothing is left on standby mode.

I am going to be completely honest! I am normally rushing about and stressing that I do not have everything packed, sorted and ready to go. Generally, everything is under control and I am fully prepared. I always think that I have forgotten something, so I tend to freak out thinking the worse is about to happen.

4. Your ‘ideal’ holiday would be in what type of accommodation: 

  • A club resort: the children are kept well occupied, so you only need to think about yourself.
  • A charming bed and breakfast: you enjoy meeting and spending time with other people as it’s more fun.
  • The open-air (camping, trekking etc.): you like to change your habits and get back to simple living.

Of course, I would choose the open air. If you have been following me on social media and keeping up with my blog, you will automatically know that I am a very adventurous person who loves to go outside and explore the world capturing beautiful moments, including all its nature.

5. What is your preferred choice for eating during your holiday?

  • Quality restaurants mentioned in the reputed travel guide. That way there are no unpleasant surprises.
  • Small and often unremarkable looking, local eateries. You like to discover the local authentic cuisine. 
  • Cooking for yourself with local produce.  Even while on holiday you enjoy cooking.

Small and often is always my eating habit when I am on holiday. I never get a big appetite to be able to eat a full meal/dinner. I would normally go to places that serve foods I am used to eating. Due to being a vegetarian, I have to be careful that I am not given any meals that contain traces of meat in them. I am very fussy when it comes to foods which is why I like to keep it plain and simple.

6. You decide to go for a day trip. How do you organise it? 

  • You stay close to the hotel. Being on vacation is for relaxing, not racing around. 
  • You explore a nearby village in the company of your newly made friends.
  • You contact an official guide to show you the local wildlife.

This was a bit of a tricky question for me to answer purely because I wouldn’t do any of these. However, I did go for the top one meaning that I would plan to go somewhere, but always keep in mind how far I am travelling by knowing the distance back to the hotel. I would never go to a nearby village with random people met on holiday, neither would I get a tour guide to show me places. I love creating my own adventures and finding places myself. I use Google Maps wherever I go because it is perfect for these types of things.

7. While on holiday, you prefer: 

  • Excitement and thrills: jet ski, water skiing, 4-wheel drives through the sand dunes. Making the most of every minute. 
  • Cultural and culinary discoveries: a guarantee of authenticity for you.
  • Calm and solitude: taking care of yourself and recharging your batteries.

I mean, come on, this is easy. Without a doubt, you would make the most out of being on holiday by cramming in every activity on your to-do list. I don’t like to rest during the days as I want to explore the town I am in by feeling like I have done everything as planned. I always get pumped and have a lot of energy which is why I like to be busy capturing moments and treasuring them.

8. Before returning home after your holiday, what’s the last thing you do?

  • You stock up on souvenirs at the airport as you preferred to relax until the last minute.
  • You visit local shops. You make the most to take a last look at the local handicrafts.
  • You take a couple last photos. Your best memories are already firmly fixed in your mind.

I DO ALL OF THESE!!!! Well, I had to go with the most obvious one as I do it everywhere I go, even if I am going to a small city. I always find souvenir shops right at the last minute. I am too busy on holiday to be thinking about souvenirs or gifts for people, so I normally find them when I am at the airport. I do think this is a good idea though because you have a lot of time to waste and it’s a perfect way to spend the last of your travel money.

Here are my results from the ‘What type of traveller are you?’ quiz: 

You are a carefree traveller 

In your daily life, you have probably adopted some ecological behaviours: sorting rubbish, low energy light bulbs… you are aware that even simple actions can help to save the planet. But when the lightness of the holiday season overtakes you, good habits can be forgotten or paid less attention to. This small oversight can surely be overcome as many of ecotourism’s good habits are easy to follow. Our advice: Choose a responsible travel agent. If you can’t organise your own environmentally respectful vacation, then opt for a professional that will propose a vacation according to your needs, as well as the planets. If you take the plane to a distant place, think about compensating your carbon emissions. A number of agencies enable you to ‘pay’ for the greenhouse gases emitted by your air travel, with the amount donated to an environmental group. If you love adventure and excitement, drop the 4-wheel drive and get a hot air balloon, glider or hang glider instead. Even for short journeys, pay attention to greenhouse gases by choosing clean travel methods. Small actions can make a big difference. In any case, don’t forget that ecotourism is not an obligation and each of us can adapt it to our own way of life.

I would 100% say that this is a fairly accurate travel quiz. I agree with the results and will consider these factors the next time I plan to go on holiday. If you would like to find out ‘what type of traveller you are?’… just click here. I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did taking the quiz and writing it for you. Have a great day!




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