The Avocado Tag.


I am very excited to say that I was tagged by the amazing Kate Hawkins to do the brand new bloggers challenge called The Avocado Tag. It was created by the talented Ana Regina who is a brilliant blogger. I will soon challenge some of you to complete this tag too. I can’t wait to dive straight in and answer all the wonderful questions. I love doing blogger tags as they are a great way to find out more things about someone. Here are a couple of rules that come with the challenge:

  1. Thank the person who tagged you by linking their blog
  2. Mention the creator of the tag
  3. Publish this post using the tag on WordPress: AvocadoTag
  4. Answer the questions
  5. Tag a minimum of 10 people to do this tag and let them know you have tagged them
  6. The questions are the same for everyone, you answer the questions and the people you tagged answer them too.
  7. Add the Avocado tag logo in your post, it’s this one:


Kate Hawkins Avocado Tag

Ana Regina’s Avocado Tag

Ok, so without further ado let’s move straight on to answering the questions:

What things do you like doing most during the summer?

The one thing I love most about summer is the late nights out being active before it gets dark. I love the build-up from light to dark as there is always a beautiful sunset. I enjoy being outside taking lots of photographs of my adventures and there’s something about how the day changes through the photographs that really intrigue me. Summer is my favourite time of the year to go out and experiment with my camera, predominately because its warm and I can spend longer outside admiring the beautiful views and landscapes.

What is your favourite summer drink?

100% Mango Smoothies and of course ice cold water!

Do you like avocados?

I am going to be completely honest with you, I have never tried an avocado… well not that I am aware of. Being a vegetarian, I am sure that’s very hard to believe. Unless I have had it without realising then I don’t know. I mean I probably would like them as they seem to be pretty popular and I know a lot of people who like them.

Do you like spicy food? If yes what is your favourite spicy food? If not, why?

No! I hate spicy food. For some reason, it just doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t like the idea of having spicy food in my mouth and constantly needing to drink water throughout, as that just ruins it for me. I prefer eating foods that I can enjoy… unfortunately spicy foods is not one of them.

What is the last thing you’ve eaten? 

A delicious chocolate muffin that I am demolishing as we speak.

What is the last song you listened to?

Hmm… I’m guessing the song that I am listening to right now counts which is Can’t Fight The Moonlight by LeAnn Rimes from the film Coyote Ugly. If you have not watched this film or do not know this song, you should definitely watch and listen to it right now. I love it!

Tell us a funny anecdote you’ve had: 

I actually had to Google what an Anecdote is LOL. Well, thanks to Google I now know what it is. I am not sure if this is an actual anecdote or counts as one, but I am going to tell you the story anyway. So, it was when I was in year 5… more specifically the summer holidays when myself and 2 friends went away to some holiday park. We were very bored one afternoon when we decided that we should prank call people. I have no idea who’s idea this was, but at the time it was apparently hilarious to do them. I can’t remember who exactly we called, nor can I remember what was said on the phone but what I do know is that it lasted for a couple of minutes and when the call finished one of my friends said completely oblivious to the phone call taking place that she ” really needed to have a poo”. It still makes me laugh thinking about it. It is one of those moments where you have to be there. She was being completely honest and thought no one was on the phone. We were in complete hysterics afterwards for a very long time.

Would you rather be a zebra with rainbow stripes or a zebra whose stripes glow in the dark? 

RAINBOW STRIPES!!! Why would anyone want to glow in the dark????!!!???? You wouldn’t be able to sleep and if you were being cheeky or mysterious you would easily be seen. However, looking like a rainbow would just be beautiful and unique.

Can you draw a shark with your opposite hand? (The hand you don’t usually draw)

Uh Oh!!! This is going to be shocking. My left hand is soooooooo bad! I am going to have to get a Shark photo up for me to attempt and try and copy as I can’t actually remember what they look like. To be honest with you it turned out a lot better than what I thought. I actually kind of liked it. I spent like 1 minute on it. Anyway, here is my left-handed drawn shark:

Drawn with my left hand 

What are 3 things that make you laugh?

  1. My boyfriend – as much as I hate it when he winds me up, he also makes me laugh very much which I absolutely adore.
  2. When I am in a situation with my friends and we can’t laugh, however, someone is about to laugh and then it becomes contagious.
  3. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory is absolutely hilarious.

Now, it’s time for me to tag 10 wonderful bloggers, here goes:

Isla –

Emma –

Amy –

Fran –

Nell –

Deanna –

Anne –

Sophie –

Tia –

Katie –

Thank you so much for popping on to my blog. I hope you enjoyed reading this tag and if you were tagged by myself, I hope you have as much fun answering these questions as I did. If you are reading this and I didn’t tag you then go ahead and answer these anyway. I am looking forward to reading all your answers to these random questions. Thank you so much for mentioning me Kate I really enjoyed taking on the challenge of The Avocado Tag by Ana Regina. I hope you have a great week and I look forward to seeing you again.


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6 thoughts on “The Avocado Tag.

  1. This post was lovely! I really enjoyed it. It was like having a conversation with you, which I guess is the whole point. Thank you so much for tagging me. I shall get started on these question. Oh boy, I am dreading the shark sketch 😂. Will let you know when I post!


  2. Heeeeeey I loved your post!!!!!! 😀 Omg I also have a lot of fun doing prank calls, once we called a friend telling her we were from ikea and she had to pick up a table she had bought cause it was taking too much space 😛
    I LOVE mango, I have to try mango smoothies, it sounds delicious!!!!! 🙂
    The shark is so cute, I seriously like it, love it’s face!!!
    And Sheldon is hilarious, I love him!!!!!!!! 😀

    Thanks for doing this tag!!!!!! 😀 ❤


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