The Accidental Autumn Outfit Post.

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, this was not planned at all. I wasn’t planning on doing a fashion post as I have done so many recently and I know you’re all bored of them LOL. However, I just couldn’t resist!

Yesterday afternoon, Kevin and I decided to go for a long walk up St. Giles Hill in Winchester with a couple of friends. Originally, I planned on going up there to capture a few autumnal photographs for my Instagram feed as I feel like I have been majorly slacking. However, after looking back at these photos, I realised that they aren’t as autumnal as I hoped for and I thought they would look great on a blog post. PLUS… I wanted to show you all the amazing shots that we captured.




Grey High Neck Jumper: (£40) This jumper is actually apart of last years autumn range from TopShop. I absolutely love it. It has a very soft touch to it which makes it very comfortable to wear. It is perfect for this time of year – the transition from summer to autumn as it is isn’t very thick. I really love how over-sized it is as I love feeling comfortable in everything I wear AND THIS IS JUST PERFECT!

Barton MOM Jeans: (£59.95) Again, I have worn my MOM Jeans from Jack Wills. I LOVE THESE SOOOOOOO MUCH! Honestly, the best pair of jeans I have ever bought. They are ridiculously comfortable to the point where it’s like I’m wearing joggers. These are definitely one of my wardrobe essentials. Everyone needs a pair of these in their wardrobes LOL.




We had such a lovely time going on a long walk to explore the grounds of St. Giles Hilltop. If you are local to Hampshire, I 100% recommend having a little visit… You’ll be surprised! I am so grateful for living in this beautiful city. I definitely need to explore more and see what’s out there.



2018-10-16 (7)

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