First of all, I would like to say how much I have truly missed not being at university. My first year was crazy, like seriously, so much happened and it was a whirlwind that just flew by. But, I loved it! My first year went by so quickly that I actually find it quite hard to believe. IT’S SCARY! And, here I am now talking about the start of my journey as a second-year student.Β I didn’t expect my first day to be as good as it has been, considering when I have ever started somewhere new, there have always been complications. I genuinely thought it would be very unorganized and that I would have a lot to sort out. However, this was not the case and as a matter of fact, it ran very smoothly and I had a very pleasant day.

My day started off with a Physical Education module which is apart of my Education Studies degree. As a 9am start for this module, I was happy that I took it upon myself to have an early night so that I was ready for the long day ahead. Monday’s require me to be prepared, especially if I want a good week ahead. The module itself isn’t very physical, however, the module content is heavily theory based which is why it’s important that I am ready to take in lots of information. I am quite interested in Physical Education as I have always been interested in sports and exercise. It is definitely a subject which needs to be closely focused, predominantly on the consequences if you aren’t aware of the importance of Physical Education as well as the healthy lifestyle aspect. I have really enjoyed my first lesson about why Physical Education should be taught in schools? And how can we make this an enjoyable, yet informative subject?

My weekly timetable is the same for every day that I have to attend university. On Mondays and Thursdays, I have 09:00-11:30 and then 15:00-18:00. I think this is a really nice layout as it gives me time to have a decent lunch as well as having plenty of time to study before my next lesson. In the afternoon, I then study TIE and DIE (Theatre-In-Education and Drama-In-Education). I really enjoyed my first session of this as it is a practical subject with very little theory-based work. As a visual learner, I find this a very useful way to learn and to get an understanding of different concepts. I like to take theory based work into practice for a way to understand and to visualise these concepts and ideologies. In this session, we focused on our own opinions of what we think TIE and DIE mean in terms of education. It is important to consider subjects like these that are not compulsory within the national curriculum. I am very interested to find out more about this module to be able to apply techniques to pupils attending primary and secondary education.

So far, I am happy with my module choices and I am very much looking forward for the rest of the year to come. If you are considering studying a combined honours degree and have any questions, just let me know.

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