University: Essential Stationery & Accessories.

Are you a university student looking for tips on how to survive your lectures and revision sessions? Then, you have arrived at the right place. I have just finished my first week back at university (second-year) and I thought that it would be a great idea to share with you the most important things you need for university. This is an honest post of everything that I use to help me focus, study and to excel in all my modules. Of course, it does depend on your degree and what is required of you. I am currently studying Education Studies and Drama. So, without further ado… let’s move on!


  • Pens – You are probably thinking, well, of course you need pens, but you would be surprised at the number of times I forgot to bring one to my lectures last year. I would suggest buying 3 different colour pens or a pen that allows you to write with a different colour, such as; black, blue and red. These are very useful especially for jotting down different topics or information needed for different things. I often write quotes in blue, lecture notes in black and references in red. This makes it very easy to identify which information is what and is perfect for essay writing. If you are like me and have a whole pencil case full of pens, colouring pencils and wacky stationery then you are well and truly sorted.
  • Highlighters – 100% ARE A MUST! You WILL be given readings to do and most of the time, you are required to print them out and make notes. Highlighters make is easy to select text and also to categorise the text into sections if it is slightly random. Most of my essays last year were based off a piece of text and using highlighters really helped me to understand them by breaking them down.
  • Notebook or Laptop/Tablet – You WILL always need something to take notes on. It just depends on what you prefer. Some people like to take their laptops to be able to download the lecture notes, so that they can add their additional notes next to it. However, some people like to write the KEY information down in their notebooks and then look back at the lecture notes afterwards. This really depends on how you learn best and what works well for you. I suggest that you try a couple of methods to see what you find beneficial. Personally, I prefer writing down useful information as well as saving the lecturers power-point on my tablet. It is a good way to follow what is being said in the lecture and perfect for those learners who understand by noting it down multiple times. I do this for every module I take and so far I am doing reasonably well.

Useful Tools For Revision

  • Sticky Notes – These are AMAZING!!!! I often use these to save pages in books, as well as adding little notes of text on them, especially if it is a random thought or a piece of additional information. You can get these really cheap and are great for revision. I sometimes use these to map out an essay. I would write on each one the different topics followed by a few keywords, quotes or information I don’t want to miss out.
  • Revision/Cue Cards – These are useful, but not really essential. I only used these twice last year. These are perfect if you are revising for an exam as you can write a heading with a Q&A and ask someone to help you revise. As well as this, you could use them for presentations. I used a couple for a power point presentation that I had to do. I didn’t want to write all the text on the slide as that isn’t fun or great to look at from an audience’s perspective. I used them as a prompt. I wrote a few words on the card to ensure that I mentioned everything that I had to include. If you get nervous or are very forgetful, these are honestly YOUR BEST FRIEND! It makes it easier for you to remember what you want to talk about as well as ensuring you are looking at your audience giving them eye contact. You don’t want to just read off your presentations.
  • Wipe Board – Literally the best thing ever. I use this to write on my weekly schedule as well as use it to brainstorm ideas for when I am writing an essay.

These are just some of my essentials for university and I love them all so much. You can get each of these very cheap and most places offers a student discount. I do highly recommend taking plenty of food and water with you to your lectures. All of my lectures are 3 hours long which is why I advise you to do this. You are allowed to drink and eat throughout as long as you are quiet. You will, of course, have a break at some point during your lecture and I normally use this time to eat as much as I can LOL. I hope you enjoyed this little post. If you liked it please give it a like and comment your thoughts below. If you would like to see more posts like this then please let me know!

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