Autumnal Blogger Gift Swap 2018 || ROXANNE From SWITZERLAND

Yay! It is finally time for me to share with you the most incredible thing I have been planning for a few months now. I have seen a few bloggers do a ‘gift swap’ blog post where two bloggers set a limit and then buy gifts for one another to open/share in a blog post. I honestly, have been meaning to do one of these for ages now, but have been very nervous at the same time as it is definitely way out of my comfort zone.

For this gift swap, I decided to message a lovely blogger, Roxanne (from Switzerland) who was definitely up this blog post. Both of us have wanted to do a collaboration post for ages now, so when we thought of this, it was a very good feeling. We set each other a limit of £30 (not including shipping). I thought this was a reasonable price as we were able to buy a few gifts for each other. We both tried to make this as autumnal as possible as we are currently in Autumn. Don’t forget to check out Roxanne’s blog post of her unboxing the gifts I sent (from the UK). So, without further ado lets go straight into the unboxing…

I didn’t really know what to expect from one of these as I have never done one before. I was, however, very excited as it is something very different to what I have done before on my blog. When I received the box, I looked in it straight away and noticed all the cute gifts, all wrapped up with little messages on and then a letter which was just beautiful. I realised that it would be nice to do an unboxing YouTube video for you to see my reactions.

I thought it was so cute how everything was presented as well as all the little notes on each of the gifts. I thought it was really special. I loved the letter that I received and one day we definitely have to meet each other. I absolutely love everything that I received in my gift swap box (as you can tell from the video) and I am looking forward to using everything this autumn. Here is a breakdown of everything I got:

Raisin & Grape Face Mask

I am very excited to try this raisin and grape face mask from Sephora. I have never had the chance to visit a Sephora store, so I fangirled a little bit (as seen in the video) LOL. This looks different to any face masks that I have ever tried before as it feels like a rectangular pad inside. I am not really sure how this is going to work or what it will be like, but I am very excited to use it. From looking at the back of it it seems like a whole face mask rather than a liquid form that you can apply yourself. I am going to use this for another one of my blog posts very soon so I will let you know how I get on.

Sephora: Raisin Grape Face Mask

Matte Lipstick

This is definitely one of my favourites out of all the gifts just because you know how much I love make-up and how much I love the autumnal colour lipstick. If it is the colour shown on the packaging, like exact, then this is going to be stunning. It is such a beautiful colour and even though I have a lot of lipsticks… I do not have one anyway near this shade. This is also from Sephora… I feel like I have been spoiled! Everything from Sephora always seems to be amazing. It is a Matte lipstick in shade 6. It is honestly so so beautiful. I am looking forward to giving this a try.

Sephora: Website


This is the most sentimental thing you could have ever of got me! I love it sooooooooo much. As you can tell from my reaction in the video, I was literally speechless. It is really strange because I thought it was a hedgehog then realised there are no spikes. I am going to say that it is a hedgehog regardless as I honestly love it very much! It made me feel very emotional when I opened this as a family member who unfortunately isn’t here anymore loved hedgehogs, so I was thinking about them a lot and how beautiful this was. I am soooooooo happy you got me this as it is just so cute and I can’t wait to put it on my desk as it will just give it that extra touch. Plus, I can look at it every day, especially those days where I am lacking in motivation to do work or write for my blog.

Maisons du Monde

Fox Bowl 

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!! That is all I can just say. I mean come on… The little fox is just adorable. I am looking forward to using this bowl as it is very autumnal and will look perfect for cute Instagram photos. I really love the fox print as it is very different to any of the bowls I have at home and the ears that are popped up are just adorable. This is definitely going to be my new favourite bowl and I am looking forward to adding it to the kitchen essentials. I normally just share bowls with people who I am living with and don’t have anything special at the moment, but this is a real game changer… This is MY bowl and MY bowl only!!!!! YASSSSS!!

Maisons du Monde

Fox Car Freshener

I forgot to put this in the photo below, I don’t know how… or maybe it just fell down and is hiding underneath something. Anyway, if you watched the video, then you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. It is a little fox car refresher. It is super cute and very autumnal. I am looking forward to putting this in my car as I don’t ever buy them, so for once, my car will actually smell nice. In the video, I couldn’t work out which flavour it was and after trying for ages to find it on the packet, I realised that I could just open it and give it a sniff. So, that is what I did! Well, after I had a look online which said that it is pine and wool flavour. I am very intrigued as to what this will smell like. I am really looking forward to putting this in my car and I really do think it will be an autumnal smell. OMG!!! It smells amazing! It is kind of sweet and very refreshing! WOW! I literally can’t wait to put this in my car.


YAY! Chocolate! I love chocolate so much. It is definitely one of my favourite ‘sweet’ foods to eat. I don’t eat sweets and never have which is why I am a chocolate person. In my gift box, I received two bars of different chocolate. I honestly can’t wait to give these a try. It is going to be interesting to see if these are like any here from the UK. I think the one in the gold packet is a caramelised chocolate which just looks delicious and the other seems like it would have milk inside. They both look incredible and honestly looks like bars I would definitely pick up if I ever saw these in Switzerland. It is so different to tell what they are as I can’t read the text on them. I really like how it’s like a surprise or mystery LOL.


Thank you so much, Roxanne, for all these beautiful gifts. I had so much fun doing this collaboration of the Autumnal Gift Swap. I loved it so much. I hope you like all the gifts I got you. I am looking forward to using all of these gifts. I loved how we really tried to keep to the autumnal theme as well as try to get gifts from shops we don’t have in either of the places that we live. It just makes it that little bit more exciting! I will definitely be doing another post soon using all of these products and letting you know what I thought about them. I can’t wait to read your blog post and familiarise myself with the gifts I got you. I would definitely love to meet you one day. You seem so lovely and cute! I hope you have a great autumn using all your amazing gifts.

Thank you so so much.

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4 thoughts on “Autumnal Blogger Gift Swap 2018 || ROXANNE From SWITZERLAND

  1. Awww omg I literally almost cried reading this post😍😭 I am SO happy you love everything, it makes me the happiest!! Thank you so much for everything you got me as well, I love everything❤️❤️ You are the sweetest, I hope we can meet one day!! Thanks for collaborating with me, it was so much fun😊🙌🏻🙌🏻


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