Pinterest Inspired: Pumpkin Decorating.


What a perfect way to celebrate Halloween by being creative with all those pumpkins that I purchased a few days ago. I bought a lot of pumpkins without really knowing what to do with them…LOL. I decided to have a little look online at some easy DIY decorating ideas. I saw so many on Pinterest that I just LOVED, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to recreate. Instead, I decided to put into a Pinterest board all the ideas that I liked so you can have a look too.

There are so many great designs of how you can decorate your pumpkin which of course are spoooooooky and totally relatable for Halloween. Although, I don’t think I am creative enough to make such beautiful designs as all of these. I have included a lot of ideas and designs of what you could do, including carving so that you can have a good practice too.

Let’s see how creative I was…


If I am completely honest, I am not overly happy with the outcome, but I did give it a good shot. I wanted to be creative as possible by painting and getting messy which I sure did get. These are just my interpretations from using the ideas from Pinterest. If you have done any pumpkin decorating please comment below and give me a link so I can see yours. If you have some spare pumpkins lying around and you’re in the mood to decorate then I highly recommend. JUST HAVE FUN!

P.S. if you are going to use paint I would allow yourself some time as my ones took ages to dry which meant that I had to wait to take photos as well as paint/draw over them to give them detail.


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