115 Blogmas Content Ideas 2018.

Christmas is right around the corner and more importantly so is Blogmas. For those of you who do not know, Blogmas is a blogging event that entails bloggers to post every day from December 1st to December 25th and sometimes until the end of the year.

It’s that time of year to be thinking about what content you are planning for Blogmas. The content is completely up to you. It can be related to Christmas, winter or anything that you are interested in. I will definitely be attempting to do Blogmas this year and I am soooooooooooo excited to take part.

It was a couple weeks ago when I realised how close it is until Blogmas starts which got me thinking that I needed to brainstorm some ideas. I got out my journal and started to write down ideas that I was interested in most. Whilst doing this, I was also thinking about doing a post like this, to give you some ideas if you are uncertain of what to do.

I have decided to compose a list of all the ideas that I came up with when I was planning the types of posts I would like to create. Of course, you can use these ideas and adapt them in any way that suits you.  So, without further ado… let’s move straight into it!


  1. Stocking Fillers Under £10
  2. What To Buy HIM For Christmas?
  3. What To Buy HER For Christmas?
  4. Top 10 Christmas Films
  5. What Is On My Christmas Wishlist?
  6. What’s On My Winter Bucket List?
  7. Decorating My Christmas Tree
  8. What Does Christmas Mean To You?
  9. Blogmas Ideas
  10. DIY: Christmas Cards
  11. Things I Love About Christmas
  12. My Favourite Blogmas Posts
  13. Visiting A Christmas Market
  14. Photography Shoot: Christmas Edition
  15. Vlog: Christmas Shopping
  16. Vlog: Christmas Day
  17. My Christmassy Make-up Routine
  18. Christmas Jumper Collection
  19. Visiting A Winter Wonderland
  20. The Best Christmas Lights Around
  21. The Biggest Christmas Tree I Have Seen
  22. Donate/Raise Money For Christmas Charities
  23. How To Wrap A Christmas Present?
  24. I Met Santa!
  25. Christmas Gift Swap
  26. Christmas Eve: Parcel Package
  27. Favourite Christmas Songs/ Christmas Playlist
  28. Favourite Christmas Candle Scent
  29. Favourite Christmas Memories
  30. Top 10 Christmas Snacks
  31. Christmas Themed Movie Night
  32. Christmassy Date Night
  33. Favourite Christmassy Pyjamas
  34. Christmas Themed Hot Chocolate
  35. Christmas Baking (Pinterest has so many great ideas)
  36. Christmas Photos From Your Childhood
  37. Christmas Food Shopping Haul
  38. Christmas Decorating
  39. My Christmas Traditions
  40. Onlive Vs. High-street Christmas Shopping
  41. Vegetarian Christmas Food Ideas
  42. Gift Guides
  43. How To Remain Calm At Christmas
  44. Favourite Christmas Cookie Recipe
  45. A Letter To Santa Clause
  46. Favourite Christmas Jokes
  47. DIY: Christmas Gifts
  48. Seasonal Lookbook
  49. Favourite UGLY Christmas Jumpers
  50. Festive: Photoshoot Ideas
  51. Vlogmas
  52. Christmas Outfit Of The Day
  53. Christmas On A Budget
  54. Christmas Giveaway
  55. How To Make A Gingerbread House
  56. Last Minute Gift Ideas
  57. Christmas Themed Blogger Collaboration
  58. Decorating My Bedroom (Christmassy)
  59. Secret Santa Gift Ideas
  60. Find  A Christmas Blogger Tag (Or Create One)


  1. Winter Makeup Look
  2. Winter Skincare Routine
  3. Favourite Winter Nail-varnish
  4. Winter Favourites
  5. December Favourites
  6. Best Drugstore Products
  7. Beauty Products You LOVE
  8. Morning Routine
  9. Night Routine
  10. What’s In Your Makeup Bag?
  11. How To Make DIY Face Masks
  12. Favourite Beauty Bloggers
  13. Favourite Beauty YouTubers
  14. Favourite Beauty Instagrammers
  15. Black Friday Shopping Haul
  16. Your Favourite Scents For The Season
  17. Makeup Trends You Love
  18. Makeup Trends You Hate
  19. Holiday Beauty Wishlist
  20. How You Store/Organise Your Makeup
  21. 100 Beauty Blog Post Ideas


  1. Shop My Style: Festive season
  2. Fashion Wishlist
  3. Favourite Winter Essentials
  4. Woolly Hat Collection
  5. DIY: How To Turn Old Clothes Into New Clothes
  6. How To Style…
  7. Outfit Of The Day
  8. Get Ready With Me: Winter Walks
  9. Get Ready With Me: Christmas Party
  10. 5 Wardrobe Essentials
  11. 5 Pieces To Invest In This Season
  12. Best Ways To Shop On A Budget
  13. Review Clothing Brands
  14. Compare Clothing Brands
  15. Winter/Christmassy Lookbook
  16. Pieces That I’ve Never Worn
  17. 100 Fashion Blog Post Ideas


  1. _____ VS. _____
  2. What’s On My Travel Bucket List?
  3. What Are My Travel Plans For The Coming Months?
  4. How To Survive A Long Haul Flight?
  5. Advantages Of Travelling Solo
  6. 5 Ways To Become A Tourist In Your Hometown
  7. A Day In…
  8. Favourite Travel Instagram Accounts
  9. Favourite Travel Bloggers
  10. Travel Hairstyles
  11. My First Time Abroad
  12. 5 Free To Do In…
  13. Inspirational Travel Quotes
  14. How Travelling Makes Your Life Better?
  15. How To Take Travel Photographs For Instagram?
  16. Planning A Trip To…
  17. Places I Am Visiting This Season

These are just some of my ideas that I thought of sharing with you. I am sure that many of these have been done before, so I am not saying that I created these LOL. I will definitely be doing a few of these this year to get me through Blogmas. I can’t wait until Blogmas starts. It means lots of writing, lots of reading and lots of supporting.

If you are doing Blogmas this year, please let me know in the comments below as I would love to do some collaborations.




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Hey there, I'm Bryoni! I am a blogger and freelance photographer, more specifically a travel and fashion enthusiast.

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