Blogmas Day 1: Welcome To Blogmas 2018.


So…It’s December 1st…WHAT!! Where did it even come from? I still feel like I am in the mindset of Halloween. The past couple of months have literally flown by. I have been focusing so much on my studies, as well as working as much as possible. And then I blink and here it is…TIME FOR BLOGMAS.

Blogmas is kind of self-explanatory. However, I will explain it for those who do not know what it is and what it involves. Blogmas is an event which happens from December 1st until the 25th, although, it may last until the new year. Blogmas involves bloggers posting every day for the lead up to Christmas. You can post whatever you like. It can be Christmassy or it can just be things that you are interested in. I like to think of Blogmas as a present for all those readers out there who get something to read every day… like an advent calendar. There is also Vlogmas which is the YouTube version that requires a video or vlog every day. If you are not a Christmassy person, then you’re probably not going to like my blog for next month, so perhaps come back in January 2019.

If you have been following me on my social media, then you will know how much I have been looking forward to Blogmas this year. I am looking forward to it most of all, as I have never done Blogmas before. I really hope I am able to successfully complete Blogmas as I have been preparing myself and keeping everything organised. I haven’t planned out every single day as I really want to do it properly and write about things that are genuinely happening in my life or about the things I am up to. I am soooooooooo happy that Blogmas is finally here. It is a great way to get in the Christmas spirit.

I have decided that a new blog post will go live every day at 8pm to give me plenty of time to write up my posts without them being rushed. I am going to try very hard to ensure that I successfully complete Blogmas. I am not a daily/full-time blogger, so I am not sure how well I will do this. Please let me know if you get the chance to read some.

You can follow my blog on WordPress, so you will never miss a post. Of course, I will share every post on my social media as that is what I always do LOL. This year my Blogmas will include a range of random Christmassy posts. I really want to keep it Christmas themed and if there is something that I really want to share, then I will try to make it Christmassy.

It is not too late to start Blogmas, if you need some ideas and more of an understanding of what to do, just check out this post: I hope you enjoy my Blogmas and if you’re a blogger doing Blogmas, please let me know in the comments below as I would love to keep up with your posts.

Merry Christmas X



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Hey there, I'm Bryoni! I am a blogger and freelance photographer, more specifically a travel and fashion enthusiast.

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