Blogmas Day 2: My Favourite Christmas Movies.

In today’s post, I thought that it would be a great idea to share with you my favourite all-time Christmas movies. I absolutely love all of these and I 100% recommend you to give these all a watch. If you aren’t quite in the Christmas spirit, then I suggest that you give these watch for that aspect because these will definitely make you feel Christmassy. These are perfect, especially for a movie night in (or perhaps even for a date night) with a lot of snacks and a nice hot drink. So, let’s reveal my favourite Christmas movies…

Home Alone (All 5, but 1 and 2 are my fave)


Love Actually

Miracle on 34th Street

Jack Frost

The Polar Express

A Christmas Carol

The Santa Clause


Bad Santa

The Greatest Showman

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

These are my absolute favourite movies that get me in the Christmas spirit. If you have seen any of these, please let me know which ones are your favourite and if you think there’s some that I should watch, then please let me know as I love to watch new films. I am looking forward to watching all these movies again this year to get me feeling Christmassy.

Merry Christmas X

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18 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 2: My Favourite Christmas Movies.

    1. Yes, YOU have too! These are such a great collection. There is a little bit of everything. Elf is just a classic, although The Santa Clause brings back a lot of memories for me.

      Have a great Christmas X


  1. I love a good Christmas film…all of these are brill ones to get you into the Christmas spirit aren’t they?!
    I think two of my favs not on your list have to be National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and The Gremlins ( i know not a fully Christmas film, but it is set at Christmas and Gizmo is kinda cute!)

    Looking forward to watching The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix, think that will be a great one to get into the Christmas spirit.

    Good luck with Blogmas!

    Aimsy xoxo


    1. I haven’t actually seen those two, so I will definitely be giving those a watch this Christmas. And yes, I have seen that on Netflix’s and its look very good.

      Have a great Christmas X


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