Blogmas Day 3: The Christmas Tag.

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. I hope you have been enjoying Blogmas this year, I know I am. So, for today’s post, I have decided to just get straight in there. I am going to be answering all the questions for this year’s Christmas Tag. If you enjoy tag posts, then I 100% recommend doing this post yourself. I absolutely love participating in tags as I love writing about myself and interests and it’s a great way for you to get to know me a little bit more. I didn’t create this tag, nor did I compose these questions. I found them online. Feel free to answer these yourself. Right, that’s enough waffling, let’s get straight into itโ€ฆ

What are your favourite Christmas movies?

I have sooooooo many Christmas movies that I absolutely love. It is probably best for me to just write them in a list LOL. I have recently published a post with my top 10 Christmas movies, so if you want more, you can find them there. Ok, just so I am not repeating myself, I will give you my top 3. My absolute favourite Christmas movie is Home Alone. All of them are just amazing. I can watch these every year and sometimes throughout the year. It is probably one of my most watched filmsโ€ฆI just never get bored of it. My second favourite Christmas movie is Elf, of course. I feel like this is definitely up there on everyone’s top. It is such a funny film and has been a classic for so many years. My third favourite Christmas movie is a new one. It’s The Greatest Showman. I know this doesn’t scream Christmas, but I have recently just watched it and I LOVE IT! No doubt, I’ll watch it again and again before Christmas.

Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

I never open any presents on Christmas eve, even if it is a secret Santa present from work. I always open all of my Christmas cards and presents on Christmas Day which is either in the morning or evening. I would only ever open presents on Christmas eve if the person giving really wanted me to.

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

I have so many Christmas memories LOL. It has got to be the time where I heard Santa Clause fly over the house in his sleigh ringing his bells. It was like a dream come true. It was so special. I still have no idea to this day if it was a dream or if it was real, but I think it was real. I just remember lying in bed and hearing a loud noise outside. It wasn’t until I looked outside the window and I saw a very quick glimpse of Santa, followed by the bells ringing. It was a very magical Christmas!

What are your favourite festive foods?

This is another tricky question. They are all so difficult to answer. I have had a lot of Christmas’s over the time, so I have a lot of favourites LOL. My favourite Christmas related foods are: Gingerbread, Roast Potatoes, Sprouts, Twiglets, Orange Terry’s Chocolate, Matchmakers, Cheese and Crackers and of course, Mince Pies. This year is going to be my first Christmas as being vegetarian. I am looking forward to it very much. I will let you know if I make anything that is different or if I try new foods.

What has been your best Christmas present that you’ve received?

The best present I have ever received was from my boyfriend Kevin, who very kindly bought us both front row tickets to Wicked, in London. As well as this, we were fortunate enough to spend 2 days in London going shopping as well as visiting Madame Tussauds, London Dungeons and The London Eye. The best part about this was that we were travelling there on Boxing Day. It was so lovely and I had the best time ever. I frigging love watching shows, especially in London, one day I would love to watch one in Broadway!

What is your favourite Christmas scent?

Without a doubt GINGERBREAD! It is incredible.

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

Not really. I usually spend Christmas eve either working or finishes the last touches of wrapping and organising presents. I normally just watch a Christmas movie in the evening and get a takeaway. I am not sure what this year will be like as I haven’t arranged any plans yet. I am awaiting my Christmas rota from work and then I can plan what exactly I will be doing as I will have to drive home to my family for Christmas. OMG!!! I will literally be driving home for Christmas.

What tops your tree?

Always an angel. I don’t know if that is what most people do, but ever since I was little, my mum would always put the same angel on the tree. Unfortunately, I am not at home this year for Christmas, so I am not sure if it will be the same angel. I do miss putting the Christmas tree up. I used to love it! I hated actually putting it up, but I loved decorating it.

As a child, what was the one gift you always asked for, but never received?

I don’t recall wanting anything that I didn’t receive. Not because I got everything. But, because I never really asked for anything. I would ask for like patterned socks and things like that. Looking back now, everything that I asked for wasn’t anything that was overly expensive. I wasn’t fazed about presents and I never have been really. I appreciate any presents that I receive.

What is the best part about Christmas for you?

The best part of Christmas is definitely seeing my family. I know that probably sounds clichรฉ, but literally it’s the only time of the year where I see everyone, more importantly, we all see each other at the same time. It is always a lot of fun and it’s nice to celebrate a lovely dinner with everyone. I am so grateful for Christmas because if it didn’t exist, then I don’t think I would get to spend a day like this with my family. It is such a lovely atmosphere and I love it so much. Seeing my family happy is all that I ask. Christmas brings joy and laughter in my family and it means so much to me.

That’s it! That is all the questioned answered. I genuinely really enjoyed answering these questions. It was so nice to re-visit those memories that had been hidden away in my brain. This has got me very excited for Christmas. I can’t wait for the delicious Christmas dinner, nor can I wait to see my family and they’re beautiful faces. I really hope you are getting in the spirit and are loving Blogmas so far. I am trying my best, so I really hope you like my posts. If you do have any ideas or topics that you would like me to discuss, then please just comment them below. I love doing posts that interests you most. It makes me very happy when I can interact with you.

Merry Christmas X

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