Blogmas Day 4: The Denim Jacket I’ll Be Wearing This Christmas.

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Blogmas post. Today is Blogmas day 4… THAT’S CRAZY!!! I feel like it’s flying by so fast. I have loved every minute of doing Blogmas and I really do hope, I am able to post every day until the 25th December. So, for today’s post, I am going to be showing you my fabulous purchase that I made a couple weeks ago and I just absolutely love it!

This Denim Jacket is everything and more than what I could have imagined. It probably sounds silly me saying that over a jacket, but honestly I am so happy that I made this purchase. I have had my eyes on >>THIS<< specific Denim Jacket for a little while and then one day I thought to myself, “do you know what?… it’s time to treat myself” and here I am now.

img_2216 img_2219 img_2212

What I like the most about this Denim Jacket is the fur lining around the collar and the inside where the buttons are. I think it gives it that extra touch and looks so warm and cosy. I really like how thick it is for a Denim Jacket as it is perfect for adding layers on those colder days or even to wear over a dress for a night out. This is 100% a must in everyone’s wardrobe. There are so many ways of dressing Denim Jackets up or down which is why I have created a Pinterest board, so you can see all my fashion inspiration that I am planning to wear this winter.

Ordering from ASOS was very easy. It is a great website to find anything that you’re looking for. I simply just typed in Denim Jacket and I was able to choose from a variety of brands. I actually went for the ASOS branded one as I thought it looked very cosy, warm and was very good for the price. At the time, I only paid £48.00 which I believe is very good, especially for something as high quality as this. I would recommend that if you’re buying something from the brand ASOS then buy two sizes down as I bought a size 8 at first when it arrived, it looked like a size 12. I returned it and went for a size 4. I am never a size 4 normally, but I think ASOS sizes are just made big.

Thank you for visiting my post. I hope you enjoyed today post. If you have any suggestions and/or topics you would like me to discuss during Blogmas, then please comment them below.

Merry Christmas X


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