Blogmas Day 7: Never Have I Ever | Winter Edition.

It’s Blogmas Day 7!!!!! I am nearly half way there…well, kind of LOL. So for today’s post, I have decided to a Never Have I Ever post, but a Christmas/ Winter Edition. I am super excited to be doing this as it will be good for me to remember all the great things I’ve done or it will make me realise of all the things that I need to do this winter. I think this is such a great way for people to get to know me, as well as use this as a little winter bucket guide. As you read through these, make a list of what you have and haven’t done in the 21 years of my life. Please let me know in the comments below as I would love to know!


  • Built an igloo
  • Drank Eggnog
  • Been Snowboarding
  • Baked Gingerbread Cookies
  • Had a real Christmas Tree
  • Been Ice-skating
  • Built a snow fort
  • Gone Star Gazing
  • Made Snow Angels
  • Had a festive bedding
  • Made a Gingerbread House
  • Put a wreath on the front door


  • Gone last minute Christmas Shopping
  • Made a Christmas Playlist
  • Had a Board Games Day
  • Covered house with Christmas Lights and Decorations
  • Sent Christmas Cards
  • Built a Snowman
  • Had a Snowball Fight
  • Gone Christmas Carolling
  • Made my own DIY gifts for friends/family and secret Santa
  • Been to a Christmas Market
  • Watched a Christmas Show

That’s it! That is about all of the things I can think of that I have and haven’t done. I am hoping that I will do some of the things of the haven’t list this year. Let me know something that you have and haven’t done before.

Merry Christmas X

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Hey there, I'm Bryoni! I am a blogger and freelance photographer, more specifically a travel and fashion enthusiast.

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