Blogmas Day 10: My Favourite Christmassy Instagram Accounts.

So here it is, another one of my favourite posts to do…MY FAVOURITE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS AT THE MOMENT!

As you may or may not know, but I did an autumnal version of one of these in November and you all seemed to absolutely love it. GUESS WHAT??!! I have decided to do another one, except this time it is a Christmas edition version.  I really like doing these kind of posts as I think it’s a great way for me to share with you my faves and also for you to find new accounts who you might not of heard of. Some of these are well-known accounts, but I just couldn’t resist putting them on as I am loving them so much!


Desiree is a fashion, fitness, beauty and travel personal blogger, from Berlin (Germany) who is absolutely incredible in the world of bloggers. I am loving her Instagram right now. I think her photographs are just stunning and they definitely get me in the Christmas spirit. If you are not following Desiree, then you 100% need to once you have read this post. Your photos are 100% goals!!!!


Anni is a personal fashion and lifestyle blogger, from Germany. I love following your Instagram for many reasons, but the obvious one is of course, because of how Christmassy it is. I absolutely love the photograph of you sitting in front of the enormous Christmas tree. I looks perfect…like it looks like my idea perfect Christmassy photograph. I am definitely looking forward to the next 2 weeks of your Instagram as I can only guess more Christmassy posts will be published.

I definitely think that in terms of Christmas, this is my all time favourite Christmassy Instagram account. I mean just look at it…We are only 10 days in and it is just perfect! I love all the bright lights, big Christmas trees and all the warm cosy essentials. I am so amazed that I follow such an incredible Instagrammer. I love all your photos so much. I wanted to pick my favourite photograph of yours, but I just simply can’t. I love everything, even your profile picture, it just gives pure Christmassy vibes. I 100% LOVE YOUR INSTAGRAM!!!


Of course I had to include Zoe. For those of you who don’t know Zoe, I will explain now. Zoe is a YouTuber from the UK, who has been very very successful and lives the absolute dream. I once met Zoe and even since I have been ever more obsessed. Zoe is just such a lovely person and I love watching her vlogs as well as keeping up with her Instagram. Zoe is currently doing Vlogmas, so if you are loving Blogmas but want to see videos, then Vlogmas is perfect for you. Zoe has recently been going on a few holidays which is why her Instagram is looking amazing. Zoe photographs always give me the Christmas vibes and every year without a fail, I end up loving them and even using a couple for my own Instagram. Basically, you should check out her Instagram as it will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit.


The last one on my list for today is Mark Ferris. I absolutely love Mark so much. He is just such a genuine person, well he seems like it from his videos. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he is also a fashion Instagrammer and YouTuber. Marks videos are absolutely hilarious. If you need to have a laugh or even cheering up, just pop on one of his videos. I promise you, he is amazing and you will love him to. I just love looking at Marks Instagram as it just shows the truth within him. Mark isn’t about being aesthetic which is why I think I love his account. It more about all the fun that he has and you can very much see that. I have been recently loving his Christmassy style photographs though as they are just cute.

That’s it for today’s post. If you liked this, then please hit the like button as it means so much to me. Let me know who your favourite Christmassy Instagrammers are as I would love to check them out.  

If you have any suggestions for posts/topics that you’d like me to talk about please let me know… ESPECIALLY AS IT’S BLOGMAS!!!!!

Merry Christmas X


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