Autumn Walk.

Autumn is definitely my favourite time of the year to go out for adventurous walks. I love how it’s that perfect weather. It isn’t too hot, nor is it too cold… It’s just right. Autumn is just perfect for exploring and for enjoying a good walk with friends or family (or with anyone). I love wearing comfy and cosy clothing around this time of year as I feel like it compliments the weather exactly. Autumn walks mean stepping on crunchy fallen orange leaves and hunting for the biggest conkers.


img_1592 img_1354On Sunday’s I generally stay inside to revise and keep up with my university work. I had been working very hard, this morning and afternoon and needed a bit of fresh air, so Hannah (my friend) and I decided it would be a good idea for us to go on an autumn walk and explore the back streets of Winchester that we hadn’t been to before. We didn’t go out for long, just over an hour, but it was enough for me to clear my head after all the work I have been doing.



Autumn walks are a great opportunity to capture some beautiful shots, especially of nature and of course, of each other. Hannah and I are like each other’s photographers which is perfect because we are both bloggers and as you know getting photographs can be difficult. We had a lot of fun this evening and actually came up with names for our cameras… We have Carol (Hannah‘s camera) and Carl (my camera). I definitely recommend taking your camera, tablet or phone with you with you whenever you decide or plan to go for an autumn walk as you never know what you might see. It is always good to capture the unexpected.



2018-10-21 (2)


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