5 Ways You Can Become A Tourist In Your Hometown.

Have you ever thought about becoming a tourist in your own hometown? – Well with these tips you can be a tourist in any hometown.


A couple of weeks ago, I never thought of the idea of becoming a tourist in my own hometown. To be a tourist, it does not mean that you have to travel somewhere within the same country or even to somewhere abroad. A tourist is someone who is visiting a particular place and/or town for their own pleasure. If you are an adventurous person, like me, then you can easily become a tourist in your own hometown.

Photograph/Document Everything 

It is very important for a tourist to record (photograph) and/or document (journal) everything, including all of the activities that they do. It doesn’t matter what equipment you use, whether if that is a professional camera, phone or tablet. What’s important is that you capture every unique moment and treasure it for a lifetime. Being a freelance photographer, I can confirm that by doing this people within that place/city will instantly believe that you are a tourist. I love taking photographs of absolutely everything and even if I am just having a little photoshoot, people have still assumed that I am a tourist and have offered to take photographs of me in front of buildings, so this DEFINITELY WORKS!

Learn About The History

Speaking for myself, I can hold my hands up and admit that even I do not know about my hometowns history. Don’t get me wrong, I know a couple things, but in general I don’t have a great deal of knowledge. I think that it is important for everyone to know the history about their hometowns. A majority of places/city’s will have information at all of their tourist attractions or even a local museum.  Fortunately, my hometown is filled with lots of tourists attractions and is well-known for their beautiful buildings/statues that is accompanied with a museum.

Try Out A B&B or Hotel 

Ok, so this one is a little bit out there. But, I think that to really become a tourist in your own hometown you should definitely try out and/or review some of the B&B’s and hotels. Not only are you exploring your own hometown, but you are also having the opportunity to review the accommodation that your  hometown offers. You would be able to give the best recommendations and use your knowledge to pass on to others who are visiting your hometown.

Do Something New

Even if you think you have been to all the tourist attractions and you know enough about your hometown… there is always more! My hometown is filled of little independent shops, including restaurants and little coffee shops. You should visit lots of places, take photographs and learn something new. Going the extra mile to find out about something that not a lot of people would know is definitely a way to be recognised as a tourist. I have recently been looking and trying out the independent shops in my hometown, instead of the well-known retail stores.

Take Something Memorable Back With You

NOT JUST PHOTOGRAPHS!!!! There is actually a lot that you can take back with you. Whenever I go away on holiday, I would always bring back something as a memory from that particular holiday. It can be anything, such as a souvenir, ceramic bowls or mugs, sea shells, tickets etc. I think that it is important to keep anything that reminds you of that visit.

These are just some of my tips on how you can be a tourist in your hometown. As someone who loves to travel, I think it is a great way to explore the world without having to pay for a whole holiday. You should definitely explore and check out your own hometown.

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