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Hello, welcome back to another beauty blog post. Today, I will be sharing with you my latest shopping haul from The Body Shop, my top picks and my favourite beauty products. The Body Shop was founded by Anita Roddick who began making her own products and infusing them to make a change to the world; in regards to beauty. Their products are about working fairly with farmers and suppliers and helping communities thrive through our Community Trade programme, being 100% vegetarian and always and forever being firmly against animal testing (The Body Shop International Limited, 2018).

IMG_3460.CR2 (1)I absolutely love using beauty products from The Body Shop whether if it’s make-up, skin care or fragrance. I love the quality of their products, especially for the price that’s being paid, which is very much similar to the products you would buy in an everyday high street drug store. Ever since I made the switch from using random different brands of skin care or make-up to only The Body Shop, my skin is looking a lot more fresh and healthy, reducing redness and cleared up all of my spots. It is very rare that I will get a break out of spots anymore which I am thrilled about. If it wasn’t for The Body Shop, I would definitely be feeling down about my skin because before it was not healthy at all.

IMG_3464.CR2 (2).jpgI am looking forward to sharing with you all the products that I have purchased today. I would like to share with you the reasons for purchasing and how I intend to use the products. Some of the products that I have purchased are very new to me and thought it would be nice to give it a try. If you read my blogs, then you will notice that I do use other products than what’s in this post from The Body Shop, so if you would like any particular tutorials please let me know. Without further ado… let’s move straight on to the products.


Organic Cotton Rounds X100

The organic cotton round pads are a perfect solution for taking off an excessive amount of make-up. I use these every single day whether if it’s removing make-up or cleansing my skin. These circle pads are brilliant! On the packet, it states that they are ‘double-sided, textured and twice as nice’. These pads are designed to remove any make-up, nail polish and to help cleanse and moisturize your skin. There are 100 cotton pads in the packet which is worth it for the price that is being paid. I use these pads to safely remove my make-up with the correct make-up remover provided by The Body Shop to keep my skin clean and fresh. Alongside this, I also use these to apply my moisturiser and cleanser for effective results when applying to my face. These are just exquisite for ensuring that your skin is always cleaned effectively.

IMG_3559.CR2 (1)
Organic Cotton Rounds X100 – £2.50

Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover

This is by far one of my favourite products by The Body Shop, purely because of how effective it is and the results it provides. This is the make-up solution which I use in accordance with the Organic Cotton Round Pads, as it gives the most effective results which leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. I purchase on average of 3 bottles of this a year which is reasonable considering I wear make-up on a daily basis. Even though this product states that it is an eye make-up remover, I find that it gives the best results as a full face make-up remover. It does not take long to remove and it completely removes everything. This make-up remover is suitable for sensitive skin which suits me fine. Ever since I have been using the Camomile remover I have not had a break out of spots. This has basically saved my skin from having a break out of spots whenever I apply makeup. I am so happy that I managed to find this product because it is brilliant, easy to use and has left my skin forever feeling soft and healthy.

IMG_3562.CR2 (1)
Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover – £7.50


I can’t believe I haven’t gotten one of these a lot sooner. For someone who loves applying and trying makeup, this is something I have needed for a while now. For a long time, I have been using my Disney Minnie Mouse Ears to push back my hair from my face… I mean it did the job, but I did look funny when people would watch me. I am looking forward to using one of these as it will be a lot more useful and convenient. The headband is made from cotton which is just perfect. I really like using cotton products just because it is so good for your skin by preventing rashes, spots and ensures that your body stays clean. I will definitely be using this headband when applying and removing make-up and also when cleansing.

IMG_3561.CR2 (1)
Headband – £4.50

Matte Lipstick 430 Sienna Rose

Yassssss! Doesn’t everyone just love purchasing a new lipstick… well I do! I was searching for a colour which screams spring as well as bold, especially for those nights out. I have decided to go for the Matte Lipstick in shade Sienna Rose. It is a beautiful colour that I can wear as an everyday colour and as an evening dressy up colour. I am very excited to use this lipstick because it is very different to any colours that I have at the moment. I tend to just stick with the pale nude or the eccentric dark reds, however, this is in between. I absolutely love using The Body Shop lipsticks as they stay on very well and don’t crumble throughout the day. They are designed for a nourishing, long-lasting finish with 7 bold shades to choose from that are completely vegan.

IMG_3567.CR2 (1)
Matte Lipstick 430 Sienna Rose – £8.00

Coconut Hand Cleanse Gel

WOW!!! This smells so beautiful… I am mesmerised! It is so fresh leaving your hands cleans and well moistured. I am not even kidding you right now, honestly, the smell is insane. You have to try it. This is a perfect little bottle which is great for on-the-go purposes, especially when travelling abroad. I absolutely love carrying these travel size hand cleansers with me in my bag because they are pretty much a requirement in my daily lifestyle. I am always washing and cleaning my hands, so these are absolutely perfect. This is the first time of me using the coconut flavour as I always purchase the orange scent. I recommend trying these as they are perfect and completely worth the price that’s being paid. I would like to try all the different scents available in this as I am intrigued as to what they all smell like.

IMG_3569.CR2 (1)
Coconut Hand Cleanse Gel – £2.50

Make-Up Setting Spray

The makeup setting spray is another first time buy for me. I have decided to give this a try. A few of my friends have spoken to me about the products and brands they use for setting their makeup which is why I decided that for my first time, I should probably use The Body Shop considering a majority of my skin care and beauty products come from there. The makeup setting spray is 100% vegan, anti-smudge and weightless which keeps your makeup in place for the whole day. It is recommended for people with sensitive skin that is enriched with aloe vera. I am looking forward to using this setting spray as I would like my makeup to stay on my face that slightly bit longer, with full coverage, especially in those hot summer days.

IMG_3575.CR2 (1)
Make-Up Setting Spray – £8.00

These are all of the products that I purchased today from The Body Shop. Additional to all of the above, I was surprised to receive a goody bag of free products as I spent over £25.00.


IMG_3477.CR2 (1)

I am really pleased with the way The Body Shop says thank you to their customers as it is always by giving out free products or samples. I was absolutely thrilled to receive a goody bag which I way I thought I would share it with you now. Unfortunately, you cannot choose your goody bag or the products inside. I actually liked this idea because I found it exciting opening it up and discovering what products I had been blessed with. I have received 3x product samples, liquid lipstick and shower gel.

IMG_3499.CR2 (2)

Tea Tree Oil 

The first thing I found in my little goody bag was a sample pot of the iconic Tea Tree Oil that is predominantly used for acne prone skin. It is renowned for it’s powerful, purifying properties. ‘Our iconic Tea Tree Oil is a cult classic and is great for on the spot application’ (The Body Shop, 2018). It should be used in areas that you are concerned about to reduce blemishes and the outbreak of spots or acne. It can be used up to 3 times a day. I am very happy to have received a small little sample as I have been wanting to use one of these for a very long time. I used to use a product very similar to this from Arbonne, except it was almost £100 and I couldn’t keep paying that much, due to the fact that I am a student. Tea Tree Oil’s are generally the best way to prevent spots and acne as they are pure, clean and purposely made to beat the outbreaks. I am convinced that if this sample goes down well, I will sure purchase a much bigger bottle.

IMG_3514.CR2 (1).jpg
Tea Tree Oil 10ml – £8.50
IMG_3515.CR2 (1).jpg
Tea Tree Oil 20ml – £12.00

Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution

Oooh, this looks interesting! As you are probably aware, I absolutely love trying different facial cleanses as I want my face feeling clean, fresh and healthy. I haven’t used the Tea Tree Daily Solution just the Tea Tree Facial Cleanser which I love soooooo much. I use this as part of my night time routine to ensure my face is clean while sleeping which reduces the chances of my spots breaking out. I am looking forward to giving this daily solution a try as I want to see what works well and what is the right product for my skin. It is very important to remember to not use a range of skin products at once as you may irritate your skin. You should try on different days for the most effective results. ‘A lightweight, pre-serum concentrate that combats blemishes and improves the overall condition of the skin. After 4 weeks, skin looks and feels:

  • Purified
  • Clearer
  • Smoother
  • Healthier
  • Clarified
  • Mattified
  • Soothed, with reduced redness and imperfections’ (The Body Shop, 2018)
IMG_3519.CR2 (1)
Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution – £13.00

Chinese Ginseng & Rice Face Masque

Yasssss! Another sample. I absolutely love trying different samples of facial products. It means that you can keep trying until you find a perfect one for your skin. I am delighted to have received a sample face masque as I have wanted to try a different one for The Body Shop for some time now and the full large product is a little bit pricey, so having this is wonderful because I can see if I like it before I purchase it. I am so happy to have received 3x sample products for free. It’s not every day you get freebies when shopping which is why I love purchasing at The Body Shop.

IMG_3536.CR2 (1)
Chinese Ginseng & Rice Face Masque 75ml – £17.00

Matte Lip Liquid Mauritius Dahlia 017

OMG!!! I am sooooo happy that I have received a new lipstick, especially as a freebie. You can never have enough lipsticks. It is very rare for me to wear lip liquid ones as I prefer just an ordinary, easy to apply, everyday lipstick. However, I am looking forward to giving this a try. The colour looks beautiful. It is like a sparkling red/burgundy colour…definitely a colour I have not tried before. You will be seeing some photos of me using this new product on my Instagram, so stay active. I am really surprised to have received a product of such value as the last few things have been samples of products. This is definitely a deal that you all have to go get. I am actually quite surprised to have received this free because normally in the goody bags, it’s more product samples rather than the actual product.

IMG_3526.CR2 (1).jpg
Matte Lip Liquid Mauritius Dahlia – £7.00

Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel 

WOW! Another full-size product worth £5.00 and a beautifully scented shower gel. I love using the shower gels from The Body Shop because they smell so lovely and the scent sticks to your skin throughout the day. I really like using shower gels that stay on you whilst you are out and about. Sometimes I would forget to use perfume, but with these, there is no worry because you will be smelling fresh throughout the day. ‘With a warm, exotic scent our non-drying argan oil formula, luxuriously cleanses and softens the skin with each use’ (The Body Shop, 2018). I completely agree with The Body Shop here as whenever I used their shower gel products in the past my skin has felt clean, soft and smells lovely. You should definitely try their shower gels as you will be surprised with the results. There are so many scents to try, you would want to have them all.

IMG_3531.CR2 (1)
Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel – £5.00

I hope you enjoyed reading about my little  large shopping haul from The Body Shop.  I am very excited to continue trying the products I already use and I am looking forward to trying all the extra samples and products that are very new to me. I think it is a really lovely way to say thank you to your customers by giving them a goody bag of free products when they spend over £25.00. For me, this was very easy because I already spent over that amount and when I went to the till point, I was surprised with the free gifts in the goody bag. If you like shopping at The Body Shop or would like giving some of these products a try, I will assure you that you will love them. You should definitely go purchasing whilst the goody bag deal is on as you will be getting a lot more for your money.

IMG_3583.CR2 (1)

Thank you so much for visiting my blog again, it means a lot to me. I am intrigued to see if you have tried any of these products and what you think of them? Leave a little comment below, I would love to hear your opinions and feedback. If you would like me to do any make-up, hair or skin routines/tutorials please just leave a comment or message me directly.

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My Autumn Everyday Make-Up Routine.

So, here it is… The post you have all been waiting for! As it’s officially AUTUMN today, I have decided to share with you my go-to autumn make-up routine. It is a very simplistic make-up routine that can be interpreted by anyone. I have used drugstore makeup products as well as products from The Body Shop. These are all at a reasonable price and are all vegan. It is very important for me to use only products that are vegan… I am 100% against animal testing. So without further ado… let’s move on!


I wanted to create a fresh-glowy look that is plain, yet suitable for autumn. I am not great at makeup so I have put this together for anyone who is just like me. I have used only basic techniques for the coverage of my face and I have used a medium/dark eyeshadow which compliments the lipstick. To see how easy I created this look, you should check out the YouTube video I have linked at the bottom of the page.

What make-up products did I use?

  1. Moisturiser
  2. Foundation
  3. Concealer
  4. Powder
  5. Contour Pallett
  6. Eye Shadow
  7. Highlighter
  8. Eye Brow Pencil
  9. Eye Liner
  10. Mascara
  11. Lipstick
  12. Disney Make-Up Bag
  13. Make-Up Sponges
  14. Make-Up Brushes


As you have probably guessed or know already from reading all my blog posts, you will know that I love autumn. It is my favourite time of the year meaning that I will definitely be wearing this look a lot and I am sure you will see it all over my Instagram. I absolutely love it! I took me on average 15 minutes to do which is so do-able for an everyday makeup look.

Please let me know what you thought of this look and tag me in your autumn make-up routines, I can’t wait to see yours!

Thank you all so much for popping back onto my blog. I hope you have a great week ahead of you and enjoy every minute! Also, stay active to see all my planned autumnal posts that I can’t wait to share with you.

My Spring Everyday Make-Up Routine.


YouTube Link:

WOW! I actually can’t believe I am doing one of these posts. It is something that I have wanted to share with you for some time now. It has been a highly requested blog post idea for a while now and I had no idea how to share it with you. I was very nervous to film my everyday make-up routine on my own as I was not used to it. I used to make YouTube with my best friend for 4 years, so this was a big jump. I thoroughly enjoyed filming this video, even if I did cut loads out LOL! For some reason on camera, it took me so long to do and I forgot how to do my make-up… oops! I really hope you enjoy the video and found it useful to see the products I use and I use them.


What Make-Up Products Did I Use?

  1. Moisturiser 
  2. Foundation
  3. Concealer 
  4. Powder
  5. Contour Pallet 
  6. Highlighter 
  7. Eye Shadow Pallet 
  8. Eye Brow Pencil 
  9. Eye Liner 
  10. Eye Liner 
  11. Mascara 
  12. Lipstick 
  13. Disney Make-Up Bag
  14. Make-Up Sponges
  15. Make-Up Brush Set


This is my go-to everyday make-up routine. It is very easy to do and roughly takes about 10-15 minutes to complete the finish look. This is definitely the look I go for on a daily basis and you can probably see this on my Instagram and Twitter posts. I absolutely love this look because I can wear it literally every day by changing the colour of the lipstick to suit the weather and my clothing. Today, I was wearing spring colours which is why I went for a light pink/nude shade which enhanced the colour of my natural lips anyway. I think this is a super easy make-up tutorial that doesn’t require too many techniques and still looks natural and pretty.


I hope you enjoyed the video to complement the images taken of the finished look. If any of you would like to give this look a try, I would absolutely love to see your recreations. I would feel honoured if you could contact me on my social media pages. I am always here if you would like to have a chat.