Acosta Danza: Evolution Review (2020) #AcostaDanza

Dance Consortium presents Acosta Danza – Evolution

Photo Credit: Johan Persson

Yesterday evening at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton, I witnessed the phenomenon of Acosta Danza – Evolution.

Acosta Danza (from Cuba) was founded by Carlos Acosta, in 2015, to ‘promote young talent and showcase performers from his home country’ (Acosta Danza Programme, 2020). ‘The ethos of the company is to produce dancers who can combine both classical and contemporary genres effortlessly, imbibed with Cuba’s rich musical and dance influencers, to create repertoire which is exciting and stimulating and which pushes conventional boundaries’ (Acosta Danza Programme, 2020). The final dance ‘Rooster’ ended with a special appearance by Carlos Acosta himself.

Photo Credit: Johan Persson

As a whole, I thought the production was exceptionally brilliant! There were elements of surprise and laughter – all of which constituted towards an incredible performance. I thought the overall production was absolutely phenomenal with extraordinary talented performers who really feel the passion in what they are representing. What I liked most about this production, is that even when there are changes in the routines/pieces, there would always be a performer on stage transitioning to the next. This kept the audience engaged because, at all times, there was always a performer owning the stage. I think this is one of the best dance productions that I have ever seen. The several minutes of applause and standing ovations speak for themselves. It was an unforgettable moment!Β The performance lasted for around 1 and a half hours with a short interval in-between. There were four pieces in total – all of which told their own individual story within. Throughout the four pieces, I had my own interpretations and representations of what each one was signifying. For example:

Paysage, Soudain, la nuit (17 minutes) – This piece was absolutely beautiful. It was almost like a representation of bees. This made me think of this because of the dance moves, as well as the music that was used. It was instrumental with a lot of group formations that included synchronized movements, teamwork, and bobbing together. Watching this at the balcony made it even more beautiful as I could see how well the formations and the synchronized sections worked. I thought that every single moment was perfectly timed and excelled effortlessly. The set design was simplistic with hay barrels at the back of the stage. This made me think that it is a representation of spring or the beginning of life. I thoroughly enjoyed this as it was engaging, spectacular, and filled with a lot of energy.

Impronta (7 minutes) – This piece was so beautifully excelled. It showed elements of purity and dominance at the same time. It was mesmerizing to see how one performer could own the stage with so much power and authority. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece as it was so elegant and sophisticated!

You must give it a watch yourself…

Acosta Danza Website:


Review by Bryoni Burns


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