MTB: Glaiza Binayas


Glaiza BinayasIntroduce youself, why did you start blogging? 

I’m Glaiza, a lifestyle blogger from the Philippines. I started blogging last December 2013 because I wanted to have my own online journal. It started when I was browsing the internet when I stumbled upon a blog of a nursing student. (I forgot her name but I think it’s Caitlyn) She writes on her blog every single day about how her day went and I saw that she has a lot of engagements. I thought it was so cool that people are so interested in her life.
Since I’ve always been a journal/diary user, I thought I’d make my own blog and journal
online as well.

How did you come up with your blog name?

I didn’t want to use my name as I was scared I’d get judged with my grammar. (English isn’t my first language.) That time, I was in college with a part-time job. Life was busy but I wanted to document the things or memories that made me happy. Thus, GLIMMER OF

What type of content do you generally post on your blog?

I usually post about stuff that happened to me, like my travels, books I’ve read, a day out with my friends and lifestyle posts. A friend once told me that I’m more like the ‘personal blogger’ since I post more personal stuff. So ya, I guess I could call myself “lifestyle and personal blogger”.

What are your main struggles as a blogger? 

  1. English isn’t my first language. Sometimes, I get discouraged to write a post because I feel like my thoughts and grammar errors are everywhere. For my grammar and spelling, Grammarly has been helpful, though.
  2. Creating content. There would be days when nothing exciting happened to me so there would be no new posts as well.

What are your favourite tools for blogging?

  1. Grammarly – very helpful with my spelling and grammar mistakes
  2. Pexels – when I don’t have my own photo to use, is a lifesaver. They have a lot of pretty stock photos for free
  3. Statusbrew – where I schedule my tweets to promote my blog posts

What is your favourite social media site for interacting with your readers?

I don’t have much interaction with my readers other than on the blog itself but I guess I’ll answer Twitter. I get to talk more with other bloggers (who sometimes are also my readers) there and I like how there are threads to help us with our blog.

What is your favourite post that you have written? And why? 

My favorite post that I have written is “How to Achieve the Teal Effect on Photos in Three Easy Steps” Along with my other how-to posts, I like sharing in my blog how I do things and love seeing that the readers are liking it. With these engagements, it motivates me to discover or learn other things that I could share again to my readers.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about becoming a blogging? 

Just do it! Especially if it will just be for a hobby at first? It’s fun to write stuff about anything under the sun and have someone interact with you because they find your posts relatable and fun to read. If you’ll plan to become a full-time blogger, you’ll have by then experience in blogging, how to market your blog and you have new learnings that you could apply to manage your blog.


Glaiza Binayas 




Thank you so much, Glaiza, for participating in my ‘Meet the Blogger’ series. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. If you’re new here, be sure to check out her social media and blog with a little comment saying you found them via




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