Cordially Invited Book Review By Zoe Sugg

“A seasonal guide to hosting any occasion and making a memory out of every day” – Zoe Sugg


Thursday, October 4th 2018 was a very special day for Zoe Sugg (Zoella) and her fans as she bought out her own non-fictional book, Cordially Invited. Fortunately for myself, I was able to pre-order a signed copy from WHSmith which I was very pleased about. I have always been interested in Zoe and I think she is very inspirational. Ever since I saw her on YouTube a few years ago and met her in person, I have been a massive fan! When I picked up my copy, I started to give it a read straight away… I mean COME ON… I did have to wait for 4 months LOL. I managed to finish it in one evening. So, I thought it would be a good idea for me to give an honest opinion of what I think of Cordially Invited.



I think that Cordially Invited is a very beautiful and well-structured book which is written in the style of a blog post. It is absolutely stunning and has a very high-quality finish. It is a very casual book and is written like as if you were reading a blog post. I really get that vibe when I read it. I think it is probably because of the font, colour and all the interesting photographs. I think this is the idea she was going for, so that her readers, of all ages, are able to read it. The book consists of introductions to every season, to-do lists, activities, home decor ideas, events and recipes. I absolutely LOVE this!!! It is perfect for YouTubers, Bloggers or even Instagrammers as it gives lots of ideas as to what photos to take and ideas of what to do in the relevant months.



I didn’t really have any ideas as what to expect from this book. However, the layout and the writing style is a bit of a shock as I never expected it. IT’S 100% ZOE! When I was reading it, I even imagined how she would say it. It is so crazy, but it’s true. I am so proud of Zoe and this book as it has been a dream of hers and now that dream has come true, it’s just incredible! I love how honest it is… like it is very relatable to soooooooo many people. Books like these are my favourite to read. It is one of those things where you can bring it out every year to get some inspiration or even to make one of the delicious recipes.


I don’t want to share too much and ruin it for anyone who hasn’t read it yet. So, I am going to stop here. But I do 100% recommend giving it a little read. I am so happy that I purchased this book because it has actually given me so many ideas, not just with my blog, but also hosting little parties with family and friends. I really want to try the ‘Tomato & Ginger Soup With Toasties’ as it just sounds so delicious and very autumnal. My favourite season to read is definitely Autumn as it is very relatable and of course, because it is my favourite season. Although, my favourite page in the book is ‘Christmas’ (page 198) as little Nala is dressed as a gingerbread man. This is just soooooo cute and adorable. I just love it!

Have you read Cordially Invited yet? What do you think?

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