The Body Shop Blogger Event June 2019 | #tbswinchester #plasticwithbottles #gifted

I had a wonderful time at The Body Shop Blogger Event this evening at the Winchester store (#tbswinchester #plasticwithbottles). I was kindly welcomed by the staff (Sian and Georgio) and introduced to the brand. We were provided with beverages from Whittard and some cakes and crisps which were a thoughtful thing to do.

I enjoyed hearing about the 3 new products (Coffee Face Mask, Banana Body Yoghurt, and Ginger Shower Gel). As well as that, I was informed about the incredible projects The Body Shop are trying out which includes using already made plastics and re-using them and using the fruit and veg that are unwanted.

In addition, The Body Shop has introduced a new scheme that involves customers/anyone to recycle their finished bottles, which can be anything except perfume bottles. If customers bring back 5 used bottles they will be rewarded with a free £5 to spend voucher in The Body Shop which is just amazing. Not only all of this, But The Body Shop in Winchester are also working with Winchester Basic Banks to encourage customers and staff to bring in any unused products, foods, drinks, clothes, etc. anything you can to help those who need it most. I thought this was just absolutely wonderful and I am looking forward to contributing anything that I can to help.

After this, we were able to try out any products that we wanted, ask for samples and any advice followed by making a purchase if we wanted with 25% off. As you all know, I LOVE The Body Shop so much so there was a lot in my basket. Surprisingly, I only purchased 6 items which were: The Camomile Eye Make-Up Remover £7.50, Vitamin E Hydrating Toner £8.00, Setting Spray for Make-Up £8.00, Nail File £2.50, Cotton Pads £2.50, and a Coconut Hand Gel £2.50. The grand total of this was only £23.25. I saved a total of £7.75 which is fantastic. A majority of what I purchased is just a top-up, although the nail file and coconut hand gel are a first for me to try. I have previously written about my Skin Care Routine which can be found here.

Here is a photo of everything that I purchased:

As if that isn’t enough, once I had finished paying I was automatically given a GOODY BAG #gifted by The Body Shop and put into an Instagram lucky dip which will be revealed next week. We also played a couple of games where we had to pick out a smiley face out of a bag in order to win a face mask of your choice. I absolutely loved this and guess what I WON! I even had to guess the name of an animal in a photo, I picked WALLIS – SO LET’S HOPE I WIN AT THAT TOO! That is pretty much what happened tonight at The Body Shop Blogger Event in Winchester. I had a lovely time, learned so much about the products, and I can’t wait to give everything a try in the next few weeks.

Here is everything that I was #gifted inside the GOODY BAG:

Thank you so much for all of these amazing products, I am so grateful for everything and I had a wonderful evening.

Here is my latest YouTube video telling you all about the products (in the style of ASMR):