New Year, New Me 2020.

We’ve heard that before haven’t we… (New Year, New Idea 2019.)

Happy New year everyone! Let’s have a little chat.

I know I haven’t that active on my blog for a few months, but that is simply because I have had a very very busy couple of months. I moved house, I have a new job, and uni has just been…well, STRESSFUL!

I have decided that I want to get back into blogging, but perhaps gradually, as I don’t want to worry or stress about not getting a post up on time. I would like to publish once a week, every Wednesday starting from today. YAY! I will be sorting out my blog over the next few days and only having the things on here that I really want to have. I will be removing my YouTube channel, due to not having time to commit and plus I have plans for May that I am extremely excited about.

What’s happening in 2020?

  1. I hope to have completed all of my uni work, including my dissertation and that I graduate with a 2:1. Then, I hope to have gotten into my chosen school as a secondary teacher in the Drama department for my teacher training course.
  2. I will be starting my own Podcast in May. This will be an educational podcast with tips, tricks, skills, and advice. I am in the process now of composing a schedule for each episode for my first season which is why I have decided to pause my YouTube channel. I love being creative and having something to work on. YouTube was a lot of fun, but due to the fact that I will be teaching in September, it just would not work out. I am very excited to be creating a Podcast because I want to help students all around the world and that is what I am passionate about.
  3. I would like to go on a few little holidays this year as well. I am planning on going to Krakow, Sofia, and Valencia. I love visiting cities that have history and culture. I love learning about the world. This year these places are on my bucket list. Krakow is somewhere that I have wanted to visit for a couple years now, and I feel like I am ready. I think these places will be educational and insightful, especially for when I become a qualified teacher.

2019 you have been a blast, but I am definitely looking forward to 2020. I want to make this year my best year so far. I know we all say that, but I truly mean it. I am looking forward to graduating, my little visits away, and starting my educational podcast.

Please let me know some educational topic ideas that you would like me to discuss on my podcast. I will be discussing my own tips and advice, as well as essay writing. I would appreciate any ideas that you have, so I know I have covered everything. Please comment below or email me:

Have a happy new year… HERE’S TO 2020!!!!!!!



New Year, New Idea (2019).


Where did that even come from??? This year has come around so quick.

For a couple of weeks now, I have been working on a new design for my blog. I wanted to create a website that would potentially integrate my photography, as well as my interest for blogging. I am going to be completely honest and admit that I had no idea what I was doing, so let’s agree that this was the best I could do. I am not confident with using the WordPress customizer, but I did give it a good shot. To be honest, I really do like the new website layout as it is simple, yet sophisticated.

I am very excited to be launching this brand new design as I really want to pursue my career as a photographer and blogger. I have always been interested in photography which is why I have decided to use this space to share all of my creations with the rest of the world, through the use of blogging. You can expect to see blog posts based on the topics of travel and lifestyle. I will definitely share with you some of the latest shoots, if the client agrees. If you are looking for a photographer, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What’s happening in 2019?

It’s time for the best part of this post… all the things I am looking forward to in 2019. I suppose these are some of my goals, but more importantly some of the things that are going to make it one of the best years I have ever had.

  1. In a couple months, I will be moving into a new flat (hopefully) with my partner Kevin which I am very excited about. We have viewed one flat so far and we absolutely love it. We love it so much that we haven’t viewed another one since. Due to the holidays, we have to wait until January 3rd 2019 before we hear back from the landlord…SO FINGERS CROSSED!!!!
  2. I will definitely be going on a few mini breaks this year starting off with London, Paris and somewhere hot which hasn’t been decided yet. I absolutely love going to London because it feels like a holiday every time I go, as I don’t go often. I will be going there to go on the London Eye (again) and to go on a London Cruise. I think me and Kevin will plan out a few days there to make the most of it. This year I am definitely being spoilt as I found out the Kevin’s parents are taking us to Paris/Disney Land in April which makes me very happy.
  3. One of my ultimate goals this year is to really push myself with pursuing my passion for photography. I want to confidently take on opportunities to help build my portfolio and my experience with different shoots.

I am so excited to start planning, writing and posting on my website again. I have missed blogging so much, especially after the failure of Blogmas. I will be posting every Sunday at 6PM and occasionally on a Wednesday at 6PM depending on how busy I am with work and uni.