Pinterest Inspired: Autumn Fashion.

Yes. It’s true, I’ve been doing it. And it’s getting me even more excited for autumn. For some of you, this post might seem like an absolute shock, but did you know that I’ve been thinking about autumn for over a month now. YES… A whole month! If you are following me on Instagram, then you’ll know how much I am in the autumnal mood. I’m going to be completely honest with you, I’ve had enough of summer and the heat that it brings. I’m ready to dive into my wardrobe and dig out the old autumn favourites.

Pinterest has literally been my best friend over the past few weeks. I’ve been using it more than I ever have and I completely understand why some people just can’t get enough of it. I absolutely love it! It is definitely one of my favourite apps to use and as a blogger, I suggest that you start using it now. You will love it too! It’s an amazing app which allows you to save photos (pins), from the internet, into your specific boards (folder). This is just the perfect way for me to organise everything that interests me or helps me to achieve the things that I want to, as well as get some inspiration, especially as autumn is on its way here.

I have decided to treat myself to a well-needed shopping trip to get prepared for the autumn season turning any minute. I have been looking at the autumn clothing that has been launched on fashion websites such as, Primark, New Look, Shein, Boohoo and many many more to get an idea of the sort of clothes I want to Purchase. I love shopping for clothes this time of year as it’s the type of clothing that interests me the most. I love the autumnal colours such as mustard, orange, green and burgundy. I am hoping that I can find similar clothes to the ones I have pinned in my Autumn Fashion Board. This is an idea of what I would like to wear this autumn. I am looking forward to creating similar looks to these.

What are you planning to wear this autumn? Have you got some inspiration?