Long Tees And Baggy Jeans.

STRIPES STRIPES STRIPES!!! I just love them. Seriously though, I think I have a new obsession. I just can’t get enough of them. Everywhere I look in my wardrobe, there are just stripes staring at me. Wearing stripes makes me feel confident within myself which is why I think it’s important for people to embrace their preference in styles by rocking out the looks that make them happy; rather than following the latest trend. BE BOLD…

Autumn is just around the corner, I mean, not literally, well maybe… I don’t really know. However, the weather has been rather confused these past few weeks, or should I say a little under the weather LOL. I’m sorry that was a terrible joke. Anyway, today I have decided to share with you an outfit I have been loving which is PERFECT for those in-between days of not knowing if it’s summer or autumn.


This long sleeved striped t-shirt is from Jack Wills and I absolutely love it. It is an oversized t-shirt which makes it very comfortable to wear, with a rather high neckline to keep you warm during those breezy days. I prefer to wear this tee tucked in with the sleeves rolled up just to give it something extra. Plain or basic tees with a simplistic design, like this one, are very easy to dress up or dress down which is why I think it’s a wardrobe essential, especially for this time of year.


I have decided to pair this up with some MOM Jeans from Jack Wills which are sooooooooo comfortable that you would want to live in them. They are definitely the most comfortable jeans I have ever bought which are perfect for those autumn days when you are feeling the need to chill. By adding my own little style on these, I have used a plain black belt and rolled the bottoms up on the jeans. I think it creates that stylish casual look that I really like. Of course, you wouldn’t have to do this as this is my preference. You can wear a look like this how exactly you like. I honestly feel so passionate about people doing what they want to do instead of following the crowd. To make this look my own, I have worn some basic accessories to ensure I have the full look covered. You can see from the photos above that by adding a watch, some casual trainers and a cute little backpack that this is a very stylish easy autumn look that is perfect for an everyday style or even as a back to college/university outfit.


COMFY COMFY COMFY!!! That is what I am all about. I believe that you can make any type of clothing a fashion statement just by how you wear the product. I love wearing clothes that make me feel comfortable. To me, fashion has to be comfortable for someone to be able to embrace and enjoy the look they are wearing. Personally, I feel 10 times more confident when I feel comfortable in the clothes I am wearing which is always a bonus when doing photo-shoots because the turn out is much better.


Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak.

What are your go-to comfortable clothing essentials for autumn?


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