Spring Primark Haul 2019 | Disney Collaboration, Travel, and Accessories.

I never thought that I would ever do a Primark Haul on this blog. I figured that since I have been making a lot of purchases recently, it would be lovely to show you all the incredible bargains that I managed to get.


Primark is a very popular retailer, known for its cheap and affordable prices. I absolutely love taking a little visit into Primark as there is always something that catches my eye, whether if it is bright and colourful, very cheap, or even in the sale. I usually make purchases from their travel, homeware section, and occasionally their pyjama section. I have never bought anything from Primark that was not worth the value I paid, so I 100% recommend it.

However, I have a few holidays coming up within the next few months, including Paris, Belfast, Bordeaux, and Barcelona – knowing me though, I will book some more. I have bought a few things to take to each of these destinations. Of course, I couldn’t go to Paris (Disney Land) without taking a few iconic pieces to get me in the mood. I have also got myself some travel essentials, especially if I want to make a habit of it.

Let’s get into it…

Disney Collaboration

I absolutely love it when Primark do their collaborations with other brands, as the items they produce are just so beautiful and I am just tempted to buy everything. I decided to buy a T-shirt dress, night dress, shopper bag, and a make-up bag. I think these are just perfect for the two days that I am going to park for. I can’t wait to get all Disney-up and take some very cute photographs. My favourite piece is definitely the shopper bag. The images of Mickey are just so funny and I think it’s a good laugh. Keep an eye out on my Instagram for some Disney pictures.

IMG_6222   IMG_6223

IMG_6216   IMG_6220-2

  1. Mickey Mouse Long T-Shirt Dress £8.00
  2. Mickey Mouse Night Dress £6.00
  3. Mickey Mouse Shopper Bag £3.00
  4. Mickey Mouse Make-up Bag £5.00


Sorry, not sorry – I just couldn’t resist! A couple of weeks ago, I noticed the travel pillow was in the sale from £4.00 to £2.00 which is just CRAZY!!! I went back to the same Primark about 2 days ago and found the matching eye mask and passport cover. If you know me well, then you’ll know that I love everything to be matching and this is just perfect. For someone who loves travelling and exploring, you’ll be surprised that I don’t actually own any of these and for £6.00 I thought why not. I am looking forward to using these this weekend on my travels to Paris.


  1. Travel Pillow £2.00
  2. Passport Cover £2.00
  3. Travel Eye Mask £2.00


I’d like to think of these as a NEED, but I probably didn’t NEED these at all! I got this belt, purely because it was size XS, and at the moment I use a Medium, except I have pierced my own hole. I realised that for £2.00, I should treat myself to a new one, plus I won’t need one for a while now. Next, I purchased a hairbrush purely for travelling. I thought it would be a really good idea to have one brush that is a perfect size to squeeze into any bag and to only use it when I travel. Lastly, I got a clear travel bag with 5 bottles and 1 pot to put all of my travel liquids in. I thought this was irresistible. I am now able to save A LOT of money on 100ml products to fit through security, as I already have the bottles – I just need to fill them. For only £1.00 this is amazing, especially as I can use all my favourite products and then, I am set to go. As well as that, it comes with stickers so that you can label each bottle of what you have put inside.


  1. Plain Black Belt £2.00
  2. Travel Hairbrush £0.90
  3. Travel Bottle Set £1.00

I worked out that for all of this I paid a total of £31.90 which is amazing, so affordable and have saved me a lot in the long run. I am looking forward to travelling in a few days, and I can’t wait to use my new purchases.

What is one item that you never travel without?


Let me know what types of travel posts you would like to see, comment them below!