The Dungaree Dress.

For me, the key thing about fashion is that it has to be comfortable and that is what I live for. No matter what season we are in, I love feeling comfortable with what I am wearing. We all have our own unique fashion styles which makes us trendy in our own way. I am not the type of person who would wear a very summery dress, in terms of like a colourful flowery dress; that just isn’t me. I would rather wear something quite fitted and different that I can spice up every time I wear it.

So, today I thought I’d show you one of my most valued piece of summer clothing which I have been loving so much. I’ve definitely gotten my fair share out of it, as I wear it as much as I can. I think with a denim summer dress like this you can wear it all year round by adding or subtracting layers depending on the weather/season. It’s a really cute dress that I think is necessary for everyone’s wardrobe.

This denim dungaree dress is from New Look (obvs) and I absolutely love it. It fits very well and is so comfortable to move around in. I have recently been wearing this with all sorts of clothing underneath such as crop tops, long sleeved tops, hoodies and even Calvin Klein bras. They all keep it fresh and stylish which makes it look new every time I wear it. I am looking forward to wearing this during the cooler seasons with some extra layers and boots.

I have decided to pair this up with a fashionable baggy black mesh t-shirt from Boohoo. I really wanted this look to be highly inspired by street style fashion by adding some unusual textured clothing. I absolutely love this baggy t-shirt as it’s very comfortable and stretchy which is perfect for a warm summers day. Along with this, I have worn some matching black mesh pop socks with some black Vans. With some basic accessible clothing, you can really make something your own and very unique.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Isla who took all these beautiful photographs. I had a lot of fun and I highly recommend her to any future clients. What is your favourite summer item in your wardrobe?


2018-10-16 (9)